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AMX Metreau x-Button Keypad - 13 - Black - With Navigation

  • Fits in decora-style wall plates
  • Standard buttons (6,7 or 13) include TUNER, DVD, LIGHTS, FAN, BLINDS, DISPLAY, and +/-
  • Blue LEDs glow to indicate button selection
  • Available in 3 colors (White, Black and Light Almond)
  • AxLink connectivity to NetLinx master
3 Years Warranty
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Warranty: 3 Years Warranty  
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General Information

Category:Input InterfaceManufacturer:AMX

Metreau keypads are a convenient, versatile, cost-effective option for achieving effortless control of virtually anything through a NetLinx® control system. Metreau keypads offer easy installation within decora-style wall plates and sleek styling that complements the NI-3101-SIG Signature Series NetLinx Integrated Controller and Tango Distributed Audio System.

The MET-7 offers 7 double-width buttons that can be used as in individual keypad or in conjunction with the 6- and 13-button Metreau configurations. Option of Navigation is also available.

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  • AMX started in 1982 with the goal to manufacture simple tools that people could use to harness the rising power of technology. Ever since then, AMX has been manufacturing quality and award winning products. AMX solves the problem of managing the increasing number of complex technologies and operating platforms with reliable, consistent and scalable systems.
    AMX products include LCD Touch panel user interfaces, Central Controllers, Communication Devices, Keypads, Media Servers, Network Devices, and Remote Controls. They are used in boardrooms, auditoriums, museums or home theaters, video projectors and displays, PCs, DVD and VCR players and recorders, cameras, teleconferencing systems, audio/video switchers and processing equipment, motorized projection screens, drapes, lighting, HVAC systems, and a wide variety of other types of equipment. Other common uses include entertainment systems, industrial command and control centers, security systems, hotels and restaurants.
    AMX configures its systems from modular hardware so that the systems can be customized to meet current needs, and also lay a foundation for unlimited scalability to adapt to future requirements.

  • Input Interface Panels allow you to input through user commands. These panels can be touch panels, intercoms, keypads, remotes and control pads. Input interface panels are used in offices, conference rooms, broadcast facilities, business organizations, hotels, homes, entertainment venues, network operation/command centers, classrooms and where ever the need arises.
    Today’s advancement in technology allows the manufacturers to make the panels more user friendly and with advanced features.
    The best known manufacturer is AMX. Its featured products, the 5.2" Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel with Intercom, 15" Modero VG Series Touch Panel, 8.4" Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel with Intercom, 8.4" Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel and 12" Modero VG Series Touch Panel are the best selling input interface panels.

  • Specification

    • Fits in decora-style wall plates
    • AxLink connectivity to NetLinx master
    • Standard buttons include TUNER, DVD, LIGHTS, FAN, BLINDS, DISPLAY, and +/-
    • Optional field-replaceable pre-printed buttons available for audio, home and commercial applications
    • Blue LEDs glow to indicate button selection

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