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GSA - Kobra 310 TS HS6 High Security NSA 02-01 Shredder

  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+HS6+High+Security+NSA+02-01+Shredder
Kobra 310 TS HS6 High Security NSA 02-01 Shredder
Kobra 310 TS HS6 High Security NSA 02-01 Shredder
  • Suitable to shred "Classified" and "Top secret" documents
  • Shreds up to 6 sheets of paper (A4 70 gr.) at a time
  • Has a Touch screen panel
  • AUTOMATIC REVERSE System in case of jamming
  • Dimensions: 53x43x96 cm
  • Throat Width: 310 mm
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General Information

Security Level:High Security ShreddersType:Cross Cut Shredders
Model:310 TS HS6MPN:310 TS HS6

The Kobra 310 TS HS6 Level 6 High Security Touch Screen Paper Shredder has been designed to shred private and confidential documents. It has been specifically designed to meet NSA/CSS 02-01 requirements. The Touch screen panel is very user friendly which lets the user select the controls by keeping the finger on a specific control for a specific duration. If transparent materials need to be shredded, user has to keep his/her finger on the control for 5 seconds and the shredder will work for 30 seconds which is sufficient to shred any transparent material. The Kobra 310 TS HS6 Level 6 High Security Touch Screen Paper Shredder provides security of level 6 which is the highest security level for shredders. It shreds the documents into 1/32" x 1/5" pieces. The high precision design of the cutting knives and the blades ensure efficient shredding of documents. It has an Automatic Oiling System which lubricates the cutting knives automatically and removes the need for manual oiling.
The Kobra 310 TS HS6 Level 6 High Security Touch Screen Paper comes with an attached “Energy Smart” power saving system which lets the shredder to go to power saving mode if it has not been used for 8 seconds. When the shredder is kept idle for hours, it disconnects itself from the mains power supply to save power. It comes with a Super Potential Power System which consists of sturdy steel gears and a metal chain drive system. The metal chain drive system is very reliable and does not wear out compared to plastic chain drive systems. It goes into Automatic reverse mode if extra material is inserted into it.
The Kobra 310 TS HS6 Level 6 High Security Touch Screen Paper has one of the most advanced Metal detection system which gives a warning the user if a metal is accidentally put into it. It gives the warning by an illuminated optical indicator which tells the status of the machine. The shredder stops the operation and does not resume until the metal is taken away.
This shredder is most suitable for Government and military agencies where destruction of top secret documents is required.

  • Suitable to shred "Classified" and "Top secret" documents
  • Shreds up to 6 sheets of paper (A4 70 gr.) at a time (cross cut rated capacity with lubricated cutting knives)
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • "EPC - Electronic Power Control" System: shows the shredding load required to optimise shredding without jams
  • "ENERGY SMART®" power saving system: machine goes into power saving stand-by mode after just 8 seconds and switches off automatically after 4 hours of non-operation
  • "AUTOMATIC REVERSE" System in case of jamming
  • 24 hour continuous duty motors: no duty cycle or timed cool down periods
  • Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears "SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT"
  • Carbon hardened cutting knives unaffected by staples and metal clips
  • New high precision design of cutting knives allows high shred loads with low power consumption
  • 2 separate sets of cutting blades: one for paper and one for CDs, DVDs and credit cards
  • 2 distinct bags for separating shredded paper from plastic shreds
  • Built-in AUTOMATIC OILING SYSTEM: automatically lubricates cutting knives

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  • Kobra is manufactured by ELCOMAN. It is a leading brand for office shredders which have the ability of shredding paper, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, flip charts, professional guillotines and trimmers and credit cards.
    Kobra’s flagship shredder, the Cyclone Compactor C-500, is a popular one and reduces the volume of the shredded paper by 4 to 5 times. The recently introduced Kobra TS shredders have touch screen technology in addition to being heavy-duty. Their continuous motor, security levels are outstanding in quality.
    ELCOMAN is one of the world leaders in production of office shredders. It takes pride in manufacturing unique products having high added value, exceptional design and patented cutting edge systems based on exclusive technological solutions.

  • High security shredders cut unwanted confidential material, ensuring they don’t fall in the wrong hands. They offer the highest level of security and are ideal for government organizations, military and any business that needs to shred highly classified documents.
    High security shredders are available in deskside, office, departmental and heavy-duty models. Martin Yale, Kobra, MBM and Dahle are the major manufactures of high security shredders.
    Intimus’s VZ14.00 is the popular high security shredder.

  • Specifications


    310 TS HS6

    Sheet Capacity6 Sheets (A4 70 gr.)
    Daily Capacity1000 Sheets
    Shred Size (Paper)0.8x5 mm. cross cut
    Security Level6
    Throat Width310 mm
    Waste bag volume135 liters.
    Dimensions (W*D*H)53x43x96 cm
    Weight57 Kg.
    Cutting Speed0.08 m./sec.
    Motor460 watts
    Continuous Run Time24 hours
    Voltage Cycle (v/Hz)230 Volt
    Noise level57/58 dba
    Power920 Watt (2 motors per 460)
    Waste Sack TypeS4

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    Accessories For Kobra 310 TS HS6

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    [SB5] Kobra Shredder Bags
    • Quantity: 50 Bags/Box
    • It is made of transparent plastic.
    • It is used for cleaning and easy disposal.
    • It can be used with Kobra S-100, C-150/E, +1 SS4, +1 SS7, +1 CC4, +2 SS4, +2 SS7, +3 CC4, 240 SS2, 240 SS4, 240 SS5, 240 C2, 240 C4, 240 SS4T, 240 SS5T, 240 C2T, 240 C4T, 240 HS and 240 HS6.

    $ 46.00
    [1032] Kobra Shredder Oil
    • 4 quantity of 7 oz bottles.
    • Ensures smooth and optimized operation.
    • Proper oiling makes the shredder long lasting.
    • Can be used with all Kobra Shredders based on customer needs.
    • Also available: 1 Quarter bottle.
    • Also Available: 1 Gallon bottle.

    $ 65.00
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    "Great customer service, but the web site is little misleading. I completed an order for a Fellows shedder and once my order was complete I received an email that the item was not available. So I tried a different follows shedder and again another email telling me it was not available. I was pretty frustrated and confused. Why have it available to purchase if you do not have the inventory. If you put 'Out of stock' I would not have completed my order. I called your customer service to see what Fellows you had in stock. The man I talked to told me all about Fellows and their change in manufactures, thus the reason for such low inventory. I asked if he could tell me what ones they had available to sell, which he did and I received my fabulous new shedder two day s ago. So I say good job to customer service guy, because I would have probably gone some where else if it wasn't for him. "


    "I ordered the new fellows shredder for our office and found that the personell were very helpful and knowledgable. The order process was very plesant and to the point. The order was confermed the following buiness day with the UPS tracking number for transportation. This is the first time have ever had any company send a tracking number though e-mail and I found it to be quit a plesent suprise. I will defenetlly use your company again and congradulations to your staff and company for representing themselfs in such a profesional manner. Best Regards Christian Stulce I.H.S. Facilities"

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