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3M SCP716 Super Close Multimedia Projector

  • 3M+SCP716+Super+Close+Multimedia+Projector
  • 3M+SCP716+Super+Close+Multimedia+Projector
  • 3M+SCP716+Super+Close+Multimedia+Projector
  • 3M+SCP716+Super+Close+Multimedia+Projector
3M SCP716 Super Close Multimedia Projector
3M SCP716 Super Close Multimedia Projector
  • Projects bright and clear images from a Short Throw.
  • Capability of delivering a 60" projection screen from only 30 inches.
  • No image obstruction, no projector light to avoid, no presenter's shadow.
  • Brightness: 2,400 ANSI lumens.
  • Resolution: XGA.
  • Contrast Ratio: 1800:1
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General Information

Category:Meeting SolutionsManufacturer:3M
Brands:VikuitiProjection:Super Close Projection
Type:Multimedia ProjectorsModel:SCP716

Super Close Performance

The 3M SCP716 Projector is a short throw projector. It is capable of projecting a 60 inch projection screen from only 30 inches. The short throw benefit allows the projector to be mounted very close to the screen, and it eliminates the shadow effect and light from the projector from blinding you. It comes with annotation software that gives you interactive experience. The stylus pen supplied with the software lets you control computer applications from the board. Its Lens Shift Button is suitable during installation as it adjusts the lens when you're setting up the projector so a clear image can be projected. The 3M SCP716 Projector gives you many options to mount with the Folding Wall Mount being the best option. This mounting option moves the projector out of the way when it is in the closed position, and is available with two 20W speakers. Experience the 3M difference for yourself; proven high quality and reliable performance.

3M SCP716 Super Close Multimedia Projector

Vikuiti™ Super Close Projection by 3M

Versatility for Challenging Environments

Traditional projection technology requires projecting on to a screen from a distance – creating distracting shadow interference.When wall mounted, the 3M SCP716 virtually eliminates shadow interference with Vikuiti Super Close Projection by 3M.

This 3M innovation enables SCP projectors to deliver large, brilliant images from very close to the screen. In fact, the SCP716 can project an 85" image from 42" away. (Traditional projectors can only show an image of that size from about 10 feet away.)

Additionally, because the projector light is offset behind the teacher, there are no eye glare problems or teacher shadows on the projected image.

Harnessing the power of light, Vikuiti Super Close Projection delivers exceptionally large, brilliant images from very close to the screen. The 3M SCP716 Projection System utilizes the Superior Contrast, Focus, Brightness and Uniformity of DLP Projection.

Vikuiti™ Super Close Projection
When wall mounting is the right solution, the 3M SCP716 Projection System utilizes revolutionary space-saving technology, turning an under-utilized space into a fully functional workspace. The adjustable arm allows image size from 59” to 91”, eliminating the need for carts, tables and traditional ceiling projectionVikuiti™ Super Close Projection
Vikuiti™ Super Close Projection

Virtually eliminate shadows with the 3M SCP716 projector. Traditional presentations require projecting onto a screen from a distance - creating the probability of shadow interference.The 3M SCP716 projection system virtually eliminates shadow interference with its unique wall mount feature.

Vikuiti™ Super Close Projection
  • 59" - 91" diagonal image with SCP wall mount
  • Folding wall mount options provide added safety
  • Basic or full connectivity – your choice!
  • XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution
  • Great for use with most brands interactive whiteboards or with existing dry-erase boards
  • 2400 lumens (maximum rating)
  • 5000 hr lamp life (eco mode)
  • The 3M SCP716 Projector can also stand alone as a tabletop projector or can be ceiling-mounted if a wall mount is not practical for your environment.

Center of Digital Class Rooms

The future of education is technology. Technology that connects teachers to students. Students to each other. And all to a worldwide network of information. The 3M™ Super Close Projection System SCP716 brings the digital classroom to life with superior technology, unmatched versatility and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Technology‚ Front and Center

The 3M Super Close Projection System SCP716 is a DLP projector with 3M™ Vikuiti™ Super Close Projection technology that can project the same size image from 40 inches as a conventional projector does from 10 feet away.

BrilliantColor™Technology uses up to six separate colors to produce a more life-like image.(By contrast, RGD uses only the time primary colors - red, green and blue).

The SCP716 is the only short-throw projector with integrated lens shift, which allows the projected image to be adjusted on the screen for better centering.

DLP Projector This leading-edge digital-imaging technology provides superior image contrast, focus, brightness and uniformity.

Raise Your Classroom IQ

The SCP716 works with computers‚ DVD players‚ camcorders‚ document cameras/tablets and with most brands of interactive whiteboards to transform information and lesson plans into engaging opportunities for education enrichment.

See the light

School districts are faced with increasing educational requirements and decreasing budgets. The pressure is on to deliver a better learning environment and better technology solutions for the money.

SCP 716 Super Close Projector
SCP 716 Super Close Projector
  • SCP 716
  • Cables & Power Cord
  • Remote Control with batteries
  • Safety Guide
  • Multi-language Operator’s Guide on CD
  • Annotation Software (Where applicable)
Modular Projection System

The SCP716 system can stand alone as a tabletop projector or it can be ceiling-mounted if wall mounting is not practical. Available on both fixed and folding wall mounts, 3M's patented telescoping arm can be adjusted during installation to allow for 59"-91" images.

Save Space with 3M Wall Mounts

Ideal for classrooms with low ceiling heights, 3M wall mount neatly manage all cables and make it easy to adjust the image to accommodate different whiteboards

Folding Wall Mount Fixed Wall Mount
  • Compact closed profile for added safety
  • Distinct stereo sound with 20 watt speakers delivering quality sound, wall mount with out speakers is also available
  • The projector and wall mount connect via a movable ball joint, which makes adjusting the projector smooth and simple.
  • Telescoping arm for 59" - 91" image
  • Cost-effective option if folding arm and speakers are not required
Folding Wall MountFixed Wall Mount
SCP I/O Module

Expand Classroom Options with the 3M I/O Module

If your applications require more connectivity, simply purchase the 3M SCP716 with the optional SCP I/O V2 Module. This input/output module easily attaches to the wall and provides numerous connectivity options and features;

  • Provides connectivity for multiple types of devices and even allows for networking via Ethernet
  • Allows teachers to use multiple devices and switch between them seamlessly
  • Puts complete projector control at the teacher's fingertips
  • Second Computer/Component RGB input
  • Computer RGB output – ideal for teacher’s monitor
  • Two USB 1.1 ports
  • Ethernet connection provides network capabilities and basic remote administration
  • RS232 connection for basic remote control
  • S-video input for connecting a DVD/analog video device
  • RCA Audio/Video for camcorders, digital cameras, gaming and more
  • Audio power pass thru and audio output connections used with
  • Folding Wall Mount with Speakers or with personal speakers
SCP I/O Module & I/O Module
Annotation Sensor Module

Increase audience retention by digitally drawing over key elements. The 3M™ Annotation Sensor turns a standard whiteboard into an interactive tool.

3M™ Annotation Sensor creates an interactive learning space on virtually any smooth surface and makes the digital classroom experience seamless for both teachers and students.

Easy-to-navigate on-screen menus are included, along with teacher-friendly software tools that can even integrate with Web-based education resources. There's also a built-in 3M Image Gallery with more than 2,700 images to enhance lessen plans.

With our pen-like interactive stylus, teachers can annotate, navigate and access all kinds of educational materials on their PCs or any other connected devices.

Annotation Sensor Module
SCP716 Individual Component
ProductDescriptionStock #
SCP716Projector (only)78-9236-7703-9
SCP712.M4SCP712, Folding Wall Mount, I/O Module & Annotation pad78-6969-9986-7
SCP712.M2SCP712, Folding Wall Mount & Annotation Pod78-6969-9987-5
SCP712.M5SCP712, Folding Wall Mount with Speakers & I/O Module78-6969-9988-3
SCP712.M3SCP712, Folding Wall Mount & I/O Module78-6969-9984-2
SCP712.M11SCP712 & Folding Wall Mount with Speakers78-6969-9933-9

Care is Needed when Disposing Lamp

Fluorescent lamps will last four to five times more than incandescent bulbs. These lamps are beneficial as they reduce the need for power plants to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, reduce the release of emissions including mercury, carbon dioxide and other pollutants that affect global warming.

Fluorescent lamps reduce solid waste, since they last longer. The incandescent or halogen lamps have a short life and require frequent replacement. The lamps used in Hitachi projectors have a long life.

These energy-efficient lighting products such as the fluorescent lamps, CFLs, and the high intensity discharge (HID) lamps contain small amounts of mercury.

The mercury remains inside the lamp and doesn't hurt the environment unless the lamp is broken. This mainly happens at the end of its life. The lamp is mostly broken when it is thrown in a garbage truck or a dumpster; thereby releasing mercury.

These lamps are not a major source of mercury pollution, but the improper disposal of large numbers of them adds mercury to the environment. Mercury is also released into the environment by burning hazardous wastes or incineration of disposed materials. 40% of man-made mercury emissions is from fossil-fuel burning power plants.

To prevent the release of mercury from the lamps, it is better to recycle them and not dispose them in the solid waste. Recycling lamps helps to capture the mercury, and it can be reused.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has special regulations for the mercury-containing lamps. This eliminates excessive paperwork, alleviates transport issues, and helps keep disposal costs low. It also eases the path for lamp recycling.

Mercury collection is a robust and growing business. It was developed to collect and recycle end of life mercury lamps from commercial buildings. Retail consumers are also having their options expanded rapidly. Most local governments collect end-of-life lamps and some retailers like Ikea and Home Depot also collect the lamps. Check your local government for lamp disposal guidelines.

Product Model SCPV1SCPV2
Minimum Image Size
Maximum Image Size
Minimum Image Size
Maximum Image Size
SCP 71257.78" (1468 mm)83.84" (2130 mm)63.84" (1622 mm)95.96" (2437mm)
SCP 71547.26" (1200 mm)
Not Recommended
70.97" (1803 mm)
Not Recommended
52.78" (1341 mm)

82.00" (2083 mm)

SCP 71747.26" (1200 mm)
Not Recommended
70.97" (1803 mm)
Not Recommended
52.78" (1341 mm)

82.00" (2083 mm)

SCP 71652.73" (1339 mm)78.79" (2001 mm)58.79" (1493 mm)90.91" (2309 mm)
SCP 74043.50" (1105 mm)
Not Recommended
65.33" (1659 mm)
Not Recommended
48.58" (1234 mm)75.48" (1917 mm)
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  • Founded in 1902, 3M has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the world. It is one of the 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, and its products are available in 200 countries. At the end of 2010, 3M had $26.7 billion sales worldwide and a net income of $4.1 billion.

    3M’s core business focus is on Consumer and Office, Display and Graphics, Electro and Communications, Health Care, Industrial and Transportation, and Safety, Security and Protection Services. Its technological manufacturing platform includes Adhesives, Abrasives, Light Management, Microreplication, Nonwoven Materials, Nanotechnology, and Surface Modification.

    3M’s Consumer and Office product line up include projectors. Projectors make learning fun as students of all abilities are able to learn in a safe, fun, and engaging environment. The projectors help bring learning to life. They can be combined with educational software products to develop children’s essential hand-eye co-ordination and IT skills. The best selling projectors include the SCP712 Super Close Multimedia LCD Digital Projector, SCP716 Super Close Multimedia Projector, and the SCP716W Multimedia Projector.

    With a commitment towards excellence and continuous improvement to products, 3M has earned the position of a global leader in the market. With aggressive planning and goal setting, 3M should continue to be a leader in global sales with its excellent line of products.

  • Digital and multimedia projectors project a video signal on a projection screen. They use a bright lens system for projecting the image. These projectors are used in meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and where ever the need arises.

    3M, Boxlight, Elmo and Hitachi specialize in digital and multimedia projectors are. Popular projectors are 3M’s X45, SCP712, SCP716 and X95i, Boxlight’s Seattle X22N, TraveLight3 Ultra and ProjectoWrite2, Elmo’s IP-40SE and IP-750E, and Hitachi’s CP-X5, CP-X2011N, CP-X4 and CP-DW10N.

  • Specifications

    Optical Specifications
    Brightness2400 lumens (maximum rating)
    ResolutionXGA (1024 x 768)
    DMD Panel0.55 in. DLP
    Aspect rationative 4:3, 16:9 supported
    Contrast Ratio1800:1
    Digital Zoom100% to 200%
    Lens Shift+/- 5%
    Projection LensF2.9 (focal length= 8.9mm)
    Throw Ratio0.62:1
    Image size30 - 150 in. (tabletop), 59 - 91 in. (wall mounted)
    Lamp Life5000 hours (eco)
    Lamp Power200W (normal), 180W (eco)
    General Specifications
    SecurityIntegrated Kensington Slot and Pin Code Feature
    Video CompatibilityNTSC, PAL, SECAM, 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i
    PC Compatibility640 x 480 (VGA), 800 x 600 (SVGA), 1024 x 768 (XGA), 1280 x 768* (SXGA), 1280 x 960*, 1152 x 864*, 1152 x 882*, 1024 x 768 (MAC 19") *resolution digitally compressed
    Digital Keystone CorrectionVertical -4.3° to ±10°
    SoundTwo 20W speakers (only on Folding Wall Mount with speakers)
    Noise30.9dB (normal), 28.5dB (eco), 34.6dB (bright),
    Power Consumption310W (5W standby)
    Dimensions12.95W x 4.59H x 10.35D in. (329 x 116.5 x 263 mm)
    Weight (projector only)7.6 lbs. (3.5 kg)
    WarrantiesProjector: 3 year limited, parts and labor on projector
    Lamp: 90 days or 180 hours with remainder of year 1 prorated
    Technical Support Clary Business Machines offers installations and support solutions,
    for more details call us (800) 992 5279 or email us
    Regulatory ApprovalsUL/cUL, CE-TUV, CCC, FCC, VCC1, C-tick
    • Terms and Conditions may apply
    • Company has the right to change specifications without any prior notification

    Supplies & Accessories

    Customize your product the way you want it. We'll update your product price as you make your selections.
    Customize Your Product

    Installation Services for Multimedia Projector

    Select Product Components
    Title Price
    [CBM Installation Services] Electronic WhiteBoard Bundle Installation
    • Electronic whiteboard and Projector installation.

    $ 895.00

    Optional Accessories for SCP716 Super Close Projector

    Select Product Components
    Title Price
    [78-6969-9933-9] 3M Annotation Sensor Module $ 744.00
    [78-6969-9962-8] SCP EZ Wall Mounting Bracket
    (for use with most walls)
    $ 60.00
    [78-6969-9996-6] Lamp Replacement Kit
    Lamp Replacement Kit
    $ 266.00
    [78-6969-9928-9] C1 Universal Ceiling Mount-Black $ 154.00
    [78-6969-9927-1] C1 Universal Extender Pole & Plate – Black
    (order if required to match model: 78-6969-9928-9)
    $ 152.00
    [78-6969-9874-5] P1-Universal Ceiling Mount – White $ 167.00
    [78-6969-9973-5] SCP Mobile Stand $ 1412.00
    [78-6969-9981-8] SCP Mobile Stand Tray $ 208.00
    [78-6969-9934-7] RS232 Adapter
    (for SCP716s w/out I/O Modules)
    $ 10.00
    [78-6969-9961-0] SCP Kensington Dual Lock & Anchor Security Kit $ 93.00
    [78-6969-9988-3] 3M Folding Wall Mount w/ Speakers V2 $ 477.00
    [78-6969-9982-6] SCP USB Hub
    (Non-powered‚ installs in folding wall mount)
    $ 55.00

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