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Kedacom KDV2000 Stream Recorder and VOD Server

  • Kedacom+KDV2000+Stream+Recorder+and+VOD+Server
  • Kedacom+KDV2000+Stream+Recorder+and+VOD+Server+Application
  • Kedacom+KDV2000+Stream+Recorder+and+VOD+Server
Kedacom KDV2000 Stream Recorder and VOD Server
Kedacom KDV2000 Stream Recorder and VOD Server
  • Record live video and broadcast them online.
  • Simultaneously stream 8 conferences.
  • Supports dual streaming and VOD playback.
  • Setup video on demand or conference on demand.
  • Downloads video to local hard drive.
  • Use Live Recorder player to view video stream.
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General Information

Category:Video Conferencing EquipmentManufacturer:Kedacom
Solution:Recording, Streaming and Content Management, Media Servers and Conference PlatformsApplication:Media Servers and Conference Platforms
Brand:TrueSensDigital Media Solution:Digital Media Recorders, Digital Media Streamers

Kedacom Stream Recorder and VOD Server is a multi functional server that can be used as a video recorder or a broadcast medium. When it is paired with an existing Kedacom multipoint control unit and HD or SD terminal series, you can record live audio and video of almost 8 conferences, and broadcast live streaming of conferences.

Kedacom Stream Recorder and VOD Server records the digital video in its internal hard drive. The hard drive size is 1 TB, and the video is saved in AVX format so that the sound and image quality isn't lost. The recorded video can be accessed online or through the HD / SD terminal. It can also be used for training purposes, watched by attendees online.

  • Simultaneous single or dual streaming.
  • Live streaming of up to 8 conferences.
  • Supports downloading of files to pc.
  • Supports user ID, password, and user group classification.
  • Maximum 100 users can view online or through HD / SD terminal.

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  • Kedacom is a leading provider of videoconferencing and video surveillance systems. Kedacom systems are based on cutting edge video and audio processing technologies, and adopt the new generation concept and intelligence technologies.
    Kedacom serves industry markets such as finance, education, electricity power, energy, medical care, governments and army. Comprehensive videoconferencing applications like remote conference, streaming media on demand and remote training are well supported. Kedacomís flagship videoconferencing systems, the TS6610/6610E, TS6210/6210E, TS5210/5610 and TS3210/3610 are popular among businesses. Video conferencing system includes TrueSens Videoconferencing System network adaptation technologies while video surveillance includes carrier-class systems and enterprise-class systems.
    Kedacom is reputed to bring high value-added and integrated technical support to its partners leveraging on advanced technologies and technical know-how. It remains focused on creating strong and successful brands that will be recognized worldwide as market leaders.

  • Video Conferencing equipment is used to facilitate a conference. It is a hi-tech equipment that is used for video conferences. Conference equipment is used from office desktop conferencing to large professional conferencing venues like training centers, courtrooms, auditoriums and boardrooms.
    Some of the popular manufacturers are LifeSize, KEDACOM, MediaPOINTE, POLYCOM, and SONY. Popular products are LifeSizeís Video Center, Room 200, Team 200 and TeamMP, Kedacomís TS6610/6610E, TS6210/6210E, TS5210/5610 and TS3210/3610, MediaPOINTEís TAC-80 videoconference system, DMR HD digital recorder + live streamer and VIDi 10 encoder, and Polycomís VSX 7000s videoconferencing system.

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  • Specifications

    FeaturesConference live broadcasting
    Simultaneous live streams of up to 8 conferences
    Adding live broadcasts, query, statistics, authorization management
    Defining title, type and description
    Supporting dual streaming
    Recording and playback simultaneously
    Conference on Demand and Downloading
    Max record tasks of 8 simultaneous recording of 8 conference
    Saved conference source can be used as VOD source, or other source files can also be manually added for authorized client viewing
    Adding video-on-demand / downloadable programs, query, statistics, authorization management
    Defining program title, type and description
    Supporting online dual stream VOD
    Supporting download of documents to local PC for viewing
    System allocationSupports for single system deployment of multi-access network segment
    User management
    3 Categories of users - Super Administrator, Administrator and General User Account / password authentication
    Supports classification of user ID, password, user group
    Client UserBy using Web browser, log in server, browse and select programs
    Client player, can view single / dual streams
    By using Live Recorder Player, one can have a fixed window to play a single or dual video stream
    Live Recorder Player supports PiP switch and zooming
    Live Recorder Player supports playback / pause / fast forward / rewind / drag-and-drop features
    Max users 100
    StandardsVideo Standard: H.263, H.263+, H.264
    Audio Standard: G711U-64K,G711A-64K,G722-64K,G7231,G729A,G728,G7221-32K, G7221AnnexC
    Video SpecificationsBit Rate: 64K~8Mbps
    Frame Rate: 1 - 30 frames/sec
    Resolution Type: QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 720P, 1080P
    File StorageFile saved in AVX format
    File size is determined by bit rate, video frame rate and other parameters
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    "We have been a regular customer of Clary Business Machines when it comes to purchasing the office equipments. Few weeks ago, we had to make arrangements for a grand conference in which remote participants were to take part as well. Like always, we didn't have to hover through the list of video-conferencing equipment. I gave them a call & Sean guided me well to make the right purchase"

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