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  • A perfect device for sanitation of ATA and PATA drives.
  • The sanitized drive can be used again for data storage.
  • Verified removal of data with automatic generation of audit log.
  • It can simultaneously sanitize 4 hard drives.
  • Speed: 4 GB per minute
  • Weight: 11 oz
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General Information

Category:ShreddersManufacturer:Martin Yale
Security Level:High Security ShreddersSize:Office Shredders, Personal Shredders
Brand:IntimusType:CD and Hard Drive Shredders

Intimus Hammer SE is a really innovative and useful invention of today’s modern world. As everything is going digital, so is the market of hard disks. This has posed serious data theft risks to the organizations worldwide. Only deleting the data from the hard disk does not work. It only removes the path but the information stays there which can be restored easily. So eliminating the information completely is the big concern for today’s IT managers and compliance officers. Here comes the role of Intimus Hammer SE which perfectly sanitizes the ATA and PATA hard drives.

The Intimus Hammer SE is privileged to meet NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) standards for secure eradication of data. As compared to other data sanitation methods, one of the main advantages associated with it is it does not damage the hard drive saving a lot of money. The drives once processed can immediately be used again for storing data. It delivers very quick and efficient results. It can process up to 4 hard disks simultaneously with the erasing speed of 4 GB per minute. For on site data sanitation, it can either be used as a stand-alone device or can be connected to the provided CPR toolbox software for added functionality. It is really a cost effective solution for data sanitation. Weighing only 1.1 pounds. it is very portable and easy to handle.

The best feature offered by Intimus Hammer SE is it provides audit log and certification for the verification of removed data. You can download or print the audit data directly from the Hammer SE. The audit data can also be saved for later use. Intimus Hammer SE is really a valuable tool for the organizations who need secure and reliable data sanitization.

  • The Intimus Hammer SE with approved secure erase technology perfectly eradicates the data ATA and PATA hard drives in a convenient and safe way.
  • It leaves the hard disk reusable for storing data. After using the hard disk with Intimus hammer, you can use it again for data storage.
  • It features efficient speed and superb performance. It can simultaneously process 4 hard disks with the data erasing speed of 4GB per minute.
  • It incorporates automated system for audit log and certification for ensuring guaranteed removal of data. The audit log can be downloaded, saved or printed directly from Intimus Hammer SE.
  • It is really a cost-effective solution which never destroys the hard disks. You can use the hard disk again for storing data.

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  • Martin Yale started in 1940 and is now a worldwide leader of office products. It manufactures shredders, folding machines, finishing equipment, paper punches, mailroom equipment, paper trimmers and cutters, document management products and ergonomic computer accessories.
    Martin Yale’s brands like Intimus shredders are recognized in the industry for their durability and accuracy. Its popular shredders are the Intimus 602 CC, 5000 Shredder, Intimus 007SF and UC5500. Among the other popular products are the Master paper punches, catalog racks and reference systems, Mead-Hatcher ergonomic computer management accessories and Premier table-top trimmers and office machines.
    Martin Yale provides solid performance and makes office tasks simple, cost-effective and secure. Its brands drive the workplaces worldwide. Martin Yale’s corporate philosophy underlines their vision to make people's working lives all over the world more effective and more secure with their brands and technologies. Martin Yale is committed to provide more productivity and data security.

  • CD and Hard Drive Shredders shred hard disks and CDs. They can also shred floppy disks, flip charts, professional guillotines and trimmers, and credit cards.
    Formax and Martin Yale specialize in making CD and Hard Drive Shredders. Major corporations use CD and Hard Drive Shredders.
    Popular shredders are Formax’s FD8802SC and FD8802CC.


    Shredders cut unwanted confidential material, ensuring they don’t fall in the wrong hands. They can shred paper, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, flip charts, hard drives and credit cards. Shredders can be personal shredders, departmental shredders, office shredders, industrial shredders and high security shredders.
    Shredders come in different types and sizes. They can be cross cut, micro cut, strip cut, and CD & hard drive shredders. Boxis, Dahle, Fellowes, Formax, GBC, Kobra, Martin Yale and MBM are the prominent manufacturers.
    Popular shredders are Fellowes’s SB-89Ci, SB-99Ci and SB-125i, Formax’s FD 8600SC, FD 8500HS and FD 8400HS, Martin Yale’s Intimus 602 CC, Intimus 007SF and UC5500, MBM’s 2360SC, 2260SC and 3803SC, Dahle’s 30434, 20090PSe and 21015, GBC’s GDX1813, Boxis’x R510, and Kobra’s Cyclone Compactor C-500.

  • Specifications


    Intimus Hammer SE

    Drive interfaces

    SCSI 50 pin (2) & SCSI 68 pin (2)

    Host interface

    USB 2.0

    Max. transfer rate

    4.0 GB/m

    Input voltage

    + 12 VDC

    Max. input current

    3.5 A

    Voltage to drives

    + 12 VDC, 5+ VDC

    Device addressing support

    28 / 48 Bit

    Max. transfer mode

    UDMA mode 4

    Device addressing support

    ATA 4 - ATA 7


    1.41"H x 4.15"W x 4.16"D


    11 oz

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