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NEC IT2530D MultiFunction Printer-Scanner-Copier (Optional: Fax)

NEC IT2530D MultiFunction Printer-Scanner-Copier (Optional: Fax)
NEC IT2530D MultiFunction Printer-Scanner-Copier (Optional: Fax)
  • Productive, Easy to Use, Network-ready MFP
  • Print: 35 PPM, 600 x 600 dpi
  • Scan: 41 OPM (copy), Up to 70 OPM (fax/scan)
  • Copy: 25 CPM Digital Copier
  • 2x500-sheet universal cassette, 150-sheet bypass
  • Optional: Fax Modem Speed: 33.6 Kbps
3 Year Warranty
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Warranty: 3 Year Warranty  
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General Information

Category:Document ImagingManufacturer:NEC
Usage:6-20 Users, Above 20 Users, 1-5 UsersNetworkable:Yes
Type:Copier, Fax, Printer, ScannerModel:NEC IT2530D
The IT2530D offers satellite offices and corporate workgroups a comprehensive multifunction document processing center with complete finishing capabilities. This fully featured 25-ppm digital copier provides advanced facsimile functions and enhanced network printing
The NEC IT2530D provides 25-ppm speed, fast first-copy output of less than 5.3 seconds and high-output print productivity. A full complement of finishing options offers your organization complete document copying solutions.
The NEC IT2530D comes standard with networked and duplex printing, PCL6 and PostScript-3 emulation for PC and Mac OS. Now your entire office can network and print with duplex output up to 11”x17”. Extended features include finishing, secure printing, and more.
The NEC IT2530D comes standard with high-speed facsimile that brings together all your document input and output in one central location and eliminates extra equipment. Faxing features include: 540 one-touch auto dials, Super G3 33.6K bps with JBIG coding, 11”x 17” TX/RX, F-code support, auto forwarding and auto stored fax reception, secure reception, archiving, and more.
Ei Network Applications
The NEC IT2530D offers the NEC Ei Network Application kit option that provides several applications:


  • Scan-to-Email: Communicate your documents to anyone’s email. The NEC IT2530D can send email using your paper documents in either TIFF or PDF file format. The unit also provides LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for quick and easy access to email addresses in your LDAP mail server.
  • Scan-to-File: Scan your documents to a client or server. NEC image receiver software offers easy use of the NEC IT2530D and provides routing for automated fax file storage.

Network Fax

  • Sending faxes from your desktop is as easy as printing. An easy-to-use pop-up menu offers everyone on your network the ability to fax directly from their desktop through the NEC IT2530D.

IP Transmission

  • Communicate your documents over your IP network -- high resolution, high speed and security for your intranet communications.

Internet Fax

  • Transmit and receive faxes over the Internet. Sending faxes over the Internet eliminates phone line usage costs.


Digital Copier/Fax/Printer/Scanner

Toner Type

Polymerized Toner

Monthly Duty Cycle

120,000 pages

Print/Copy Speed

25 ppm (letter, portrait)

Scan Speed

Up to 41 ppm (copy)
Up to 70 ppm (scan and fax)

Copy/Print Resolution

600 x 600 dpi

Original Size

up to 11.6" x 39.3 (fax)

Copy Size

to 11-3/4" x 17

Warm-Up Time

Less than 14 seconds from auxiliary power mode

First Copy

Less than 5.3 seconds (letter)

Copy Quantity

1 - 999


Zoom range: 25% – 400%
0.1% increments
Preset reduction: 79%, 73%, 65%, 50%
Preset enlargement: 121%, 129%, 155%, 200%

Copy Exposure Modes

Text (legible text)
Text/Photo (clear text and halftones)
Photo (optimized for gradations)
Dot Matrix (dot matrix originals)

Paper Supply

550-sheet universal cassette x 2 (15 lb. to 24 lb. bond)
150-sheet multi-purpose bypass (13 lb. bond to 56 lb. bond)

Maximum Paper Capacity

4,000 sheets (total with options)


Super G3 compatibility with ECM
JBIG compression code
33.6 Kbps modem speed
F-Code support

Fax Transmission Speed

Approximately 2 seconds/page

Fax Exposure Modes

Text, Text/Photo, Grey Scale

Document Feeder

to 11.6" x 39.3 (fax)
Paper Weight: Single-sided 9-1/4 lb. bond to 34 lb. bond
Double-sided 13-1/4 lb. bond to 34 lb. bond


Toner: Bottle 17.5K @ 6% (multi-print)
Drum: Photo Conductor 80K
Starter Developer: Bag 100K
Developer Unit: 320K
Staple: Cartridge Box
Stamp: Iridescent ink-cartridge

Power Requirements

120 V, 50/60 Hz, 12A.

Power Consumption

Min. 5w, Max 1.35Kw


26-3/4" x 28" x 28-1/4" (W x D x H), standard configuration


170 lbs.


KC93ADFR Duplex Document Feeder
KC93PFC Paper Feed Cabinet (550 sheets)
KC93PFC2 Two-Way Paper Feed Cabinet (550 sheets x 2)
KC93LCC Large Capacity Cabinet (2750 sheets)
KC56DB Copy Desk
KC56DBW Wooden Copy Desk

KC56JS Job Separator
KC93FB Built in Finisher
KC93FS Saddle Kit
KC93PK Punch Kit
KC93MB Mail Bin Kit
KC56PT Additional Bin Kit
KC9301 Multi 2nd G3 Port
KC93MA Optional Memory Board 32MB
KC93EI Ei30 Network Application Kit
KC56KC Key Counter Kit
KC56KEY Key Counter
KC56CO Mechanical Counter Kit
KC56ST TX Marker Stamp Unit 2

Available Copy/Print Functions

Account Track (1,000 accounts)
Auto Duplex
Auto Reset
Auto Tray Switching
Copy Modes (Simplex/Duplex, 2-in-1, 4-in-1, Book, Booklet,)
Cover Mode
Creative Functions (XY Zoom, Negative/Positive Reverse, Image Repeat)
Criss-cross Sorting
Distribution No. Printing
Energy Save Mode
Enlarge Display
Erase (Frame, Edge) Mode
Finishing (Group, Sort, Staple, Punch, Booklet and Staple)
Image Adjustments
Job List
Mode Check
Program/Recall Jobs
Paper Size Selection (APS, Manual)
Paper Type Selection (Normal, Thick, Thin, OHP, Envelop)
Proof Copy
Secure Print
Separate Scan
Sleep Mode
Utility (Reports, Environment Setting, Language Setting, Copy Program, Usage Data, Administrator Management)
Zoom Selection

Fax Functions

2nd Super G3 Port option
Autodialing (540 one-touch keys)
Auto Dial Search
Auto Memory Reception
Auto Reduction Printing
Batch TX
Broadcasting (maximum 300 locations)
Bulletin Board
Density Adjustment
Destination Insertion
Destination Search
Duplex Transmission
Exposure Mode (Text, Text/Photo, Grey Scale)
Group Dialing
2-in1 Transmission
Image Rotation Transmission
Mailbox (Private) Transmission/Reception
Memory Lock
Memory/Quick Dial
Mix Originals Transmission
Original Size Designation
Password Transmission/Reception
Polling Transmission/Reception
Priority Transmission
Print Setting for Overnight Reception
Program Dialing (30 programs)
Real Time TX
Relay Broadcasting
Relay Transmission
Remote Copy
Scan Area Reduction (Auto, Manual)
Secure Printing
Timer Transmission

*Some functions may require options that may or may not be available at time of initial product launch.



300 MHz



Page Description Language

PCL 5e Emulation
PCL 6 (XL version 2.1) Emulation
PS3 Emulation


PCL Resident Fonts: 80 outline + 1 bitmap
PS3 Emulation Resident Fonts: 136 outline

Print Drivers

PCL 6: Windows 98SE/ME/2000(SP4 or later)/XP(SP2 or later/Server 2003, NT 4.0
PS3: Windows 98SE/ME(PPD files)/2000/XP(SP2 or later)/Server 2003/NT 4.0(SP6a), Mac OS 9.2 or later, Mac OS X 10.2 and Mac OS X 10.3 (PPD files)


Ethernet 10Base-T
100Base-TX, USB 1.1, 2.0


TCP/IP,IPX/SPX,AppleTalk (EtherTalk), NetBEUI,IPP,SNMP, HTTP 3.0


Scan to File (IP/One-Touch, Preset Scan)

Protocols: TCP/IP
Document Size : Letter, Legal, Ledger
Resolution: 200x100, 200x200, 400x400, 600x600 dpi
File Format: TIff, PDF
Coding Method: MH, MMR
Target File: Directory folder specified at PC
Destination: IP address from PC (Preset Scan), IP address max. 540 (IP/One Touch)

Network Fax

Protocols: Email-MIME
Document Size: Letter, Legal
Resolution: 200x200, 400x400 approx. dpi
File format: attached file format -TIFF-F
Coding Method: MH
Broadcast: destinations Max. 1500
Address Book: 1000 address per address book, search function, CSV/WAB format available

TX to Email
Scan to Email

Protocols: TCP/IP, LDAP
Document Size : Letter, Legal, Ledger
Resolution: 200x100, 200x200, 400x400, 600x600 dpi
File Format: Email –MIME, attached file-TIFF, PDF
Coding Method: MH, MMR
Destination: registration of Email address, max. 540

Internet Fax

Protocols: Email TX-SMTP (IETF RFC2821, RFC2822), TCP/IP Email RX- POP3 (IETF RFC1725, RFC1939, TCP/IP
Document Size : Letter, Legal, Ledger
Resolution: 200x100, 200x200, 400x400, 600x600 dpi
File Format: Email –MIME, attached file-TiFF
Coding Method: MH, MR, MMR
Destination: Registration of Email address, max. 540


Protocols: Email TX-SMTP (IETF RFC2821, RFC2822), TCP/IP
Document Size : Letter, Legal, Ledger
Resolution: 200x100, 200x200, 400x400, 600x600 dpi
File Format: TiFF
Coding Method: MH, MR, MMR
Destination: Registration of IP address, max. 540

IT Series Agent Manager

Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP
Format: HTTP
Display: Operation Status (Copy/Printer/Fax/Internet Fax/Scanner)
Device Status (Alarm/Paper Size/Paper Status/Option Configuration)
Registration/View: One-touch/Index/Bulletin Board
Maintenance: Initial Setting/account reg./Account total/Total Page/Power Save/Network Settings/Scan Settings

Operation Environment for Utilities

CPU: 133 MHz or faster
OS: Windows; ME/95/98/Server 2003/XP/Server 2000/NT4.0
Memory: 64 MB or more recommended
HD Capacity: 50 MB or more of free space

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  • NEC is one of the oldest manufacturer in the world, having started in 1899. It started with manufacturing equipment, but today is providing IT solutions, network solutions and electronic devices to business enterprises, communications services providers and government. The products and services include computer servers, networking, monitors, projectors, storage, software solutions, broadcasting products, electron devices, PCs, outsourcing, security and many others.
    NEC’s best selling products are Multimedia LCD Digital Projector NP310, Multimedia DLP Digital Projector NP110, Multimedia LCD Digital Projector NP3250W, E132 Cellular Phone, DTU 8D-2 Corded Phone, Dterm DTP 16D-1 Corded Phone, MultiSync LCD2690WUXi LCD Monitor, VT695 LCD Projector and VT491 LCD Projector.
    NEC is a steadfast manufacturer looking into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth. The company has the honor of having notable achievements, and its main focus is to serve the customers in a better way by transforming the company into an innovation machine fueled by consumer insight and differentiated by superior marketing of consumer-preferred solutions.

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