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iRespond Lite - 24 Pack

  • Real-time student response system for collecting instant feedback
  • RF technology ensures fast data transmission
  • Supports 2 lines x 8 characters.
  • Accompanying RM proprietary Teacherís Dashboard software
  • Unique PIN codes allow convenient interchanging of student and instructor remotes
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General Information

Category:Meeting SolutionsManufacturer:RM Education
Type:Audience Response SystemModel:iRespond Lite

iRespond Lite by RM is a student response system to facilitate teachers in transparent and quick assessment of students. This RM learning product enables instantaneous collection of studentís feedback in real time. It provides an interesting way to keep the students engaged and ensures active participation from each student. Teachers can also carry out healthy competitions around challenging assignments by creating different teams.

The iRespond Lite uses two-way interactive RF communication. Its display screen supports 2 lines x 8 characters. Using the two-line display, it allows sending averages, scores and feedback. Unique PIN codes allow any remote to be used as a teacher or student remote. The types of questions supported by iRespond Lite includes true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, yes/no, fill in the blank, survey and numeric questions. In multiple response questions, it supports up to five answer choices.

The iRespond audience response system comes with the proprietary RM Teacherís Dashboard software, which allows teachers to collect homework, take attendance, track assessments, produce reports and interact with students. This audience response software supports complete PowerPoint lesson integration.. It is a perfect companion for all classroom levels. It can also be used in trainings and other interactive events where there is need to collect the audience response or opinion.

  • The iRespond Lite uses RF technology to provide quick two-way communication.
  • It comes with the RM proprietary Teacherís Dashboard software which maximizes its benefits.
  • Each remote has unique pin which allows it to be used as a teacherís or studentís remote as required.
  • Teachers can remotely send prepared questions in sequential order.
  • It supports oral and projected based tests. Moreover, it supports all sorts of questions including multiple choice, true/false, multiple response, yes/no, survey, numeric, and fill-in-the-blanks questions.
  • It also allows sending studentís feedback to entire classroom.
  • It is completely integrated with PowerPoint which provides convenience in delivering lectures.
  • For instant feedback, it allows creating a quick answer key.
  • The remotes run on AAA batteries which come along with it.
  • The students test reports or analysis reports are generated in the format which can be easily printed or emailed.
  • It also allows posting the results or feedback to digital grade books.
  • It also allows adding web links and audio/video to create dynamic and effective presentations.

The Teacherís Dashboard is integral to iRespond Lite. It allows you to truly maximize the benefits of iRespond Lite. Some of the Teacherís Dashboard software :

  • You can navigate activities with real-time feedback.
  • You can deliverlectures, collect homework, conduct tests, and quickly assess student performance.
  • Support for Microsoft PowerPoint allows integration withslideshows and lessons
  • Import rosters & tests and exportresults and feedback to student management systems and grade books.
  • Generate customized printer-friendly reports in various formats
  • Individual and class-wise student performance assessment
  • Create multimedia rich content to presentations including audio, video and weblinks.
  • Competitive gaming mode allows teachers toconduct various team challenges.
  • Resume or replay sessions at anytime
  • Create study guides for teachers

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