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  • Martin+Yale+I9000+DEGAUSSER+FOR+HDS+
  • Martin+Yale+I9000+DEGAUSSER+FOR+HDS+
  • Martin+Yale+I9000+DEGAUSSER+FOR+HDS+
  • Perfect and super quick degausser for destroying sensitive digital information.
  • Ensures 100% erase and 90% less power consumption by using Advanced Pulse Technology.
  • Cycle time: 9 seconds
  • Simple one-button operation.
  • It can destroy all types of hard disks irrespective of operating system or interface.
  • It does not need cool down time period and can operate continuously.
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General Information

Category:ShreddersManufacturer:Martin Yale
Size:Office ShreddersBrand:Intimus
Type:CD and Hard Drive ShreddersModel:349104

Martin Yale Intimus 9000 is the most preferred choice of IT managers and compliance officers to reliably destroy the sensitive digital information. The data storage devices can pose serious threats if they get in wrong hands. So after use, the data storage devices should be disposed-off properly, which can only be ensured by Intimus 9000. This energy efficient degausser has simple one-button operation for quick and reliable results. It delivers super quick result and takes only 9 seconds to complete a cycle.

Intimus 9000 incorporates APT (Advanced Pulse Technology) for 100% perfect erase while 90% less power consumption. The field strength of Intimus 9000 is so strong that data erased by it cannot be recovered even by computer or laboratory attacks. As the technology is software independent, it can destroy all sorts of hard drives without the concern of operating system or interface. Its inbuilt safeguards check and ensure if the stored power is enough for completing the erase cycle. It keeps the user updated about the status of the process through field strength meter, audible tones and highlighted push buttons. It is a continuous duty degausser which can be operated continuously without any cooling cycle.

Martin Yale Intimus 9000 is shielded due to which its magnetic field does not interact with the magnetic fields of other devices such as credit cards, watches or other magnetic media. Manufactured with high quality components, it is one of the most durable degaussers available in the market.

  • Martin Yale Intimus 9000 is the high capacity degausser which perfectly erases information from magnetic tapes and hard disks.
  • It works with APT technology. Its strong erase field can perfectly clean the magnetic tapes.
  • The Intimus 9000 is privileged to have CCTM certification which is the proof of its quality and reliability.
  • The Intimus 9000 features verifiable erase process. It offers a four step verification process for guaranteed information security.
  • Being a high capacity continuous duty operation, it can operate continuously without any cooling period.
  • This is an energy efficient degausser with reduced magnetic field emission which makes it completely safe for the environment.

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  • Martin Yale started in 1940 and is now a worldwide leader of office products. It manufactures shredders, folding machines, finishing equipment, paper punches, mailroom equipment, paper trimmers and cutters, document management products and ergonomic computer accessories.
    Martin Yale’s brands like Intimus shredders are recognized in the industry for their durability and accuracy. Its popular shredders are the Intimus 602 CC, 5000 Shredder, Intimus 007SF and UC5500. Among the other popular products are the Master paper punches, catalog racks and reference systems, Mead-Hatcher ergonomic computer management accessories and Premier table-top trimmers and office machines.
    Martin Yale provides solid performance and makes office tasks simple, cost-effective and secure. Its brands drive the workplaces worldwide. Martin Yale’s corporate philosophy underlines their vision to make people's working lives all over the world more effective and more secure with their brands and technologies. Martin Yale is committed to provide more productivity and data security.

  • Shredders cut unwanted confidential material, ensuring they don’t fall in the wrong hands. They can shred paper, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, flip charts, hard drives and credit cards. Shredders can be personal shredders, departmental shredders, office shredders, industrial shredders and high security shredders.
    Shredders come in different types and sizes. They can be cross cut, micro cut, strip cut, and CD & hard drive shredders. Boxis, Dahle, Fellowes, Formax, GBC, Kobra, Martin Yale and MBM are the prominent manufacturers.
    Popular shredders are Fellowes’s SB-89Ci, SB-99Ci and SB-125i, Formax’s FD 8600SC, FD 8500HS and FD 8400HS, Martin Yale’s Intimus 602 CC, Intimus 007SF and UC5500, MBM’s 2360SC, 2260SC and 3803SC, Dahle’s 30434, 20090PSe and 21015, GBC’s GDX1813, Boxis’x R510, and Kobra’s Cyclone Compactor C-500.

    Personal Shredders

    Personal shredders shred unwanted confidential material, ensuring they don’t fall in the wrong hands. These shredders are affordable and remove information that protects your personal interests.
    Dahle, Fellowes, Formax, GBC, Kobra, Martin Yale and MBM specialize in manufacturing personal shredders. Popular personal shredders are Dahle’s 30104 and 30114, Fellowes’s Intellishred SB-89Ci and Intellishred, Formax’s FD 8200SC and FD 8300SC, GBC’s Shredmaster GSM128, Kobra’s S-100, Olympia’s 1300.6, and Destroyit 2240CC.

  • Specifications



    Degausser System

    Capacitive Discharge

    Operating Time, Duty Cycle


    Erasing time first hard drive

    12 seconds

    Cycle time

    9 seconds per cycle

    Magnetic Field

    9,000/0.9  Tesla

    Maximum Erasing Area Size

    4.49"H x 1.65"W x 6.73"D


    2.5 type HDD, 3.5 type HDD, DLT, LTO, 3490 and more


    41°F - 104°F


    10%H - 40%H (without condensation)


    55 lbs


    18.90"H x 12.99"D

    Customer Testimonials

    "I ordered the Destroyit Shredder 2604CC with automatic oiler based on the sales rep's advice and we have been happy with the product. It has 20 page capacity to shred at once and works wonderfully. I had a pleasant experience, good customer service with Clary. I just randomly pulled it up off the internet and called them for suggestions on a shredder not knowing what I wanted. Ironically enough someone else from our company (we have a large company) did the same exact thing I did and got the same shredder and they too love it. Good product, good company to order from. "


    "First time buying from here but had my shredder in house in the time given when the order was placed. Very professional."

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