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Martinyale Intimus Multimedia Departmental Paper Shredder

  • Martinyale+Intimus+Multimedia+Departmental+Paper+Shredder
  • Martinyale+Intimus+Multimedia+Departmental+Paper+Shredder
Martinyale Intimus Multimedia Departmental Paper Shredder
Martinyale Intimus Multimedia Departmental Paper Shredder
  • Multimedia shredder completely destroys your electronic storage media
  • Cut Type: Particle Cut
  • Capacity: 1 CD/DVD and 2 (3.5 floppy disks)
  • Throat Size: Vary per media
  • Dimensions : 26" x 17" x 34 5/8"
  • Shredding Material: CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, Zip discs, DAT tapes and Superdiscs
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General Information

Category:ShreddersManufacturer:Martin Yale
Security Level:Low Security ShreddersSize:Office Shredders
Brand:IntimusType:CD and Hard Drive Shredders, Strip Cut Shredders

Martin Yale Olympia Multimedia shredder destroys all your confidential information stored in electronic media discs. It completely destroys all Cds, DVDs, floppy discs, 100mb and 250 mb Zip discs, 4 mm DAT tapes and LS120 Superdisks, eliminating the risks of information theft. You use any of the optical electronic media discs for data storage, Martin Yale Olympia Multimedia Shredder is the only reliable machine to destroy it completely. Its easy to use with manual start and stop operation. The reverse switch clears any jamming on the cutters, giving you smooth operation. It shreds one CD/DVD and two 3.5” floppy discs with its three feed openings. No other shredder gives you the luxury of 3 feed openings. The guard on the inlet slot can be opened if required for safe operation.

  • completely destroys CDs, DVDs, 3.5" floppy disks, 100mb and 250mb Zip disks, 4mm DAT tapes and LS120 Superdisks
  • Particle cut shredder
  • three feed openings
  • reverse switch for removing any potential jamming
  • Has a manual Start/Stop operation
  • Reverse switch clears any potential jamming on the cutters
  • The guard on the inlet slot can be opened for safe operation
  • Continuous duty motor, maintenance free
  • Gerry With identity theft on the rise, it is so important that businesses and individuals find new methods to destroy personal information. Martin Yale has created a remarkable multimedia shredder that I am thrilled to own. I did some research, and I found that there was no machine on the market quite like this one. Many people think that snapping CDs and floppy disks in half protect the information on the media source. There are professional thieves out there that know how to reconstruct those forms of media to collect the sensitive information contained on these media sources. In my line of work, I could not risk the chance of being sued by a current client or an old client. I invested in the departmental shredder to protect my business. I like that the shredder has three feed openings for all of my media sources. There is a 4-inch slot for floppy disks, a 3 inch slot for cassettes, and a 4 inch slot for CDs and DVDs. The machine cuts the media into tiny particles that are impossible to reconstruct. This is a machine that businesses should invest in if they shred a great deal of sensitive media. It is a heavy-duty machine so there is never the worry about jams. The machine does have an auto reverse function in the event a jam occurs. The shredder is extremely reliable. I have not had any problems with this machine since I purchased it. This is a wonderful investment for business that put their clients protection first.

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  • Martin Yale started in 1940 and is now a worldwide leader of office products. It manufactures shredders, folding machines, finishing equipment, paper punches, mailroom equipment, paper trimmers and cutters, document management products and ergonomic computer accessories.
    Martin Yale’s brands like Intimus shredders are recognized in the industry for their durability and accuracy. Its popular shredders are the Intimus 602 CC, 5000 Shredder, Intimus 007SF and UC5500. Among the other popular products are the Master paper punches, catalog racks and reference systems, Mead-Hatcher ergonomic computer management accessories and Premier table-top trimmers and office machines.
    Martin Yale provides solid performance and makes office tasks simple, cost-effective and secure. Its brands drive the workplaces worldwide. Martin Yale’s corporate philosophy underlines their vision to make people's working lives all over the world more effective and more secure with their brands and technologies. Martin Yale is committed to provide more productivity and data security.

  • Departmental shredders cut unwanted confidential material, ensuring they don’t fall in the wrong hands. They are used for shredding high volume, and handle large volumes of paper. They have a wider feed opening so that they can shred bigger stack of papers at the same time.
    Dahle, Clary, GBC, Kobra, Martin Yale and MBM specialize in manufacturing departmental shredders. Popular shredders are Dahle’s 30406, Clary’s 3800S, GBC’s GDS2213, Kobra’s 385 S4 and 390 S5, Intimus’s 452CC and 702, and Destroyit’s 3803SC.

  • Specifications

    Shred Type

    * Strip for Zip/Data tapes

    Shred Size

    Vary per material


    1 CD/DVD and 2 floppy drives

    Throat Size

    4 15/16" (CD/DVD) slot,
     4 1/8" (3.5" floppy disk) slot,
    3 1/8" (DAT casette) slot

    Shred Container (cubic feet)

    1.2 (CD/DVD)
    1.5 (disks,zip,DAT)

    Supply voltage (Volt):



    1.5 hp

    Weight (lbs):

    121 (unpacked)


    26” x 17” x 34 5/8”

    Supplies & Accessories

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    Accessories for Intimus Multimedia Departmental Shredder

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    [PB3] Martin Yale Shredder Bags
    • Quantity: 100 Bags/Box
    • Correct shredder bag size helps to avoid mess.
    • It can be used with Martin Yale 26 series, 32 series, 60 series, 90 series and 502 shredders.
    • Dimensions 20 x 12 x 5 inches (D x W x H).
    • Shipping weight 8 lbs.

    $ 60.00
    [78839] Intimus Martin Yale Shredder Oil
    • Quantity: 32 oz - (4-1 GAL).
    • It offers low dust retention.
    • Proper oiling makes the shredder long lasting.
    • A Strip Cut shredder being used 1-2 hours per day will need lubrication weekly but a Cross Cut should be lubricated after every hour of use.
    • It can be used with all Martin Yale's Intimus and Olympia Shredders.

    $ 99.00
    Customer Testimonials

    "We needed shredder bags and oil for our machine ASAP and it was very easy and convienant to order it online through your website. The bags/oil were shipped within a timely manner and we will definitely be using your company for our future orders. Thanks Clary!ColetteRSD"


    "I worked with Kevin Wong who was extremely helpful. The original shredder I ordered was out of stock, and within a few hours of my order he emailed me letting me know, and also suggested a similar shredder. I appreciate all of his help!"

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