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Mimio Interactive Capture

This Product has been discontinued and replaced by
MimioTeach Interactive System
  • Award winning MIMIO teaching solutions (2009)
  • Capture electronically records all of your handwritten notes and drawings
  • Control computer applications directly from the whiteboard
  • Export to HTML and post notes to websites
  • Screen Size: 96 " diagonal, Dimensions: 18.1 "(L) x 2.8 "(W) x 1.1"(H)
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2 years limited warranty
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Warranty: 2 years limited warranty  
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General Information

Type:Interactive WhiteboardsModel:Interactive
Mimio Interactive + Capture is a portable device that attaches to any whiteboard (up to 4'x'8 in size), connects to your computer and turns it into an interactive whiteboard. Together with a projector, teachers and students can use one of the stylus pens like a cordless mouse to control, mark up and save/print their desktop applications and documents directly from the whiteboard. When used without a projector, Mimio Interactive + Capture Capture electronically records all of your handwritten notes and drawings so that students can focus on the materials presented and participate in class discussions rather than just copy what was said or written. Once notes are recorded, they can be saved and shared. Unlike traditional interactive whiteboards, Mimio Xi is lightweight (1.0 lbs.), portable (9" folded) and affordable - making it the ideal solution for any classroom, lab or boardroom. With its built-in memory, up to 10 hours of class or lecture notes can be recorded even without a PC.
Scholastic Administr@tor awards mimio a Best in Tech Award, 2009 for Whiteboard Solutions. Scholastic will recognize mimio at a formal awards ceremony during the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Washington, D.C
  • Control PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets
  • Browse educational websites on the Internet
  • Navigate interactive instructional CDs
  • Print class notes and distribute.
  • Email class notes to absent students
  • Post files to a class website.
  • Stand-alone or Connected (USB) mode operation
  • Weighs less than 1 pound
  • 3 power options: battery, USB, or AC
  • Expandable through link modules
  • Contains a Kensington Security Slot for safety

Turn any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard
When used with a multimedia projector, you can use one of the mimio stylus pens like a cordless mouse to control (click, right click, drag and drop) computer applications and documents directly from the whiteboard.

  • Control PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets
  • Browse the Internet
  • Annotate, mark-up, and edit slides or screens directly at the board
Perfect for presentations, training or instructional sessions and front-of-class teaching. Enables students to be more interactive and engaged

Capture whiteboard notes
With Expo™ dry-erase markers inserted into the mimio stylus pens, everything that you write or draw on the whiteboard is digitally recorded - in color and real time - in a highly portable and versatile digital data format.

  • Print board notes in color with perfect resolution
  • Email recorded Ink files
  • Post the board notes as HTML files on websites
  • Copy or drop any mimio whiteboard notes into other applications
  • Link directly to NetMeeting or 3rd Party conferencing solutions to share your whiteboard with remote locations
Now your audience can concentrate on the information presented knowing that your whiteboard notes are being electronically captured.

mimio Xi's built-in memory means you can record notes ... without a computer. Just attach the device to the whiteboard, press power and start writing or drawing. After your class, meeting, or brainstorming session, download all of your notes by simply connecting mimio Xi to your computer via the USB cable.

Damien Marin This amazing product has impressed me a lot. I can capture and record my drawings notes instantly and it takes no time to put my stuff on web. It has so many amazing features and options. I can directly export these files to HTML and put it on the web.

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  • Mimio manufactures interactive whiteboards and is a global leader in interactive teaching technologies. Mimio’s breakthrough innovations have proved very helpful for educators to focus more on teaching and for students to concentrate more on learning. Mimio’s progressive role in the world of interactive teaching is helping it stand apart and grow further.
    Mimio also makes document cameras, but its primary focus is on whiteboard capture devices. The Mimio Pad Wireless Tablet, Mimio Interactive, Mimio Interactive+Capture, Interactive Whiteboard 78" diagonal and Interactive Whiteboard 88" diagonal are the best selling, popular and award winning products. Mimio interactive whiteboard technology is based upon the combination of Ultrasound and Infrared, allowing you to capture all the ink strokes written on the whiteboard.
    Mimio is a complete classroom solution and looks into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth. Its main objective is to serve the customers in a better way by transforming the company into an innovation machine fueled by consumer insight and differentiated by superior services of classroom solutions.

  • An interactive system is a device through which you can communicate with a computer. It can be keyboard, interactive panel or interactive whiteboard.
    Mimio manufactures the most popular Interactive Systems. These are the Mimio Interactive and MimioTeach Interactive System.

  • Specification

    Computer Interface:
    USB (fully compliant with USB 2.0)
    Onboard Data Storage:
    (stand-alone mode)
    1/2MB Flash memory stores board notes equivalent to 10 hour meeting
    automatically downloaded to computer when connected by USB cable.
    Power options:
    (default/priority order)
    - USB connection to the computer
    - 4 x AA batteries (40+ hours active use)
    - Optional AC adapter (US 110v or Int’l 100-240v)
    Capture Bar Weight:
    1.1 lbs./0.5 kg with batteries,
    0.8 lbs./0.37 kg without batteries.
    Capture Bar Dimensions:
    Fully Open = 18.1 in. L x 2.8 in. W x 1.1 in. H • 46 cm L x 7.0 cm W x 2.8 cm H
    Folded = 9.4 in. L x 2.8 in. W x 2.2 in. H • 24 cm L x 7.0 cm W x 5.7 cm H
    100 dots per inch • Signal tracking frequency 87 times per second.
    Attachment Options:
    ABS Plastic mounting brackets w/ removable adhesive strips for permanent & repeatable position snap-in
    4 x suction cups for temporary attachment (up to 1 day)
    Controls & Indicators at the whiteboard:
    New Page / Tag Page / Print Board / Window Size / Control Panel Calibration
    Power On button LED (w/ low battery power indicator) / Memory reset button (recessed)
    Ink Capture indicator LED / Data in memory indicator LED
    mimio Stylus Type2 - use Sanford Expo - type dry erase markers (Basic and Extended colors supported)
    Use 1 x N cell battery (32 hours battery life actual writing time)
    Electronic Eraser:
    Dual surface - wide (3.9 in./10cm) and "finger tip" (0.75 in./1.9cm) erasure stroke.
    Uses 1 x AAA alkaline battery (12 hours battery life actual erasing time).
    Hardware Security:
    Supports Kensington style cable lock.
    International Use:
    Batteries or Computer USB as primary power source means "Start up and Go" in any country
    • mimio interactive + capture bar with linkUSB interface module
    • Four (4) 'Pen 2' styli with four (4) smartCaps
    • Eraser with holder (silver)
    • Four (4) Expo markers (Red, Green, Blue, Black)
    • USB cable - 4.87m
    • mimioMouse insert
    • Batteries for bar (AA x 4), eraser (AAA x 1) and pens (N x 4)
    • ABS Plastic Snap-in mounting brackets (with 3M Command adhesive strips)
    • CD with mimio 2.7 software and software tutorial start-up guide, User Guide and Control Panel pdf’s.
    • Quick Start Install guide booklet (with Technical Support and Hardware Reference cards)
    Direct Export data formats:
    Windows: JPEG, BMP, WMF, EMF, HTML, SVS (scalable vector graphic), EPS (encapsulated postscript)

    Mac: PICT, JPEG, HTML, QuickTime, Digital Video, iMovie, SVS (scalable vector graphic), EPS
    Ink Data Magnification:
    Over 3000% via Zoom function
    Operating Systems Supported:
    Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
    Macintosh OS X v. 10.2 or higher

    Note: original mimio device & software v1.5 supports OS 9
    Whiteboard Active Area:
    4-ft. x 8-ft. • 2.4 m x 1.2 m (landscape or portrait orientation)

    Supplies & Accessories

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    [850-0055] Mimio Mouse - Interactive Stylus Pen $ 99.00
    [850-0030] Mimio Eraser & Holder $ 59.00
    [610-0021] Mimio Interactive + Capture wireless 2.0 Upgrade Kit $ 299.00
    [850-0038] Mimio Green Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-0039] Mimio Blue Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-0043] Mimio Purple Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-0044] Mimio Yellow Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-0045] Mimio Orange Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-0046] Mimio Brown Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-1003] Mimio marker Stylus Pen Holder $ 15.00
    [850-0037] Mimio Red Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-0029] Mimio Black Stylus $ 49.00
    [850-0047] Mimio NIMH Battery Charger $ 26.00
    [850-0001] Mimio Eraser Replacement Felt Kit $ 12.00
    [580-0014] Mimio Capture Accessory Kit $ 249.00
    [850-0034] Mimio Interactive + Capture mini-USB cable $ 25.00
    [610-0015] Mimio 16

    $ 30.00
    [850-0031] Mimio Interactive + Capture mounting brackets (1 Set) $ 10.00
    [850-0040] Mimio Interactive + Capture mounting brackets (5 sets) $ 30.00
    [850-0056] mimio Interactive + Capture magnetic mounting brackets (1 set) $ 15.00
    [850-0057] Mimio Interactive + Capture magnetic mounting brackets (5 sets) $ 50.00
    [850-0035] Mimio Interactive + Capture 110V AC power adapter $ 15.00
    [850-0049] Mimio Battery 4-Pack NIMH N-Cell $ 13.00
    [610-0020] Mimio Interactive + Capture carryCase $ 59.00

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