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Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard

  • Panasonic+UB-8325+Interactive+Whiteboard
  • Panasonic+UB-8325+Interactive+Whiteboard
  • Panasonic+UB-8325+Interactive+Whiteboard
Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard
Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard
  • Double Benefit as it serves as an Interactive Whiteboard and Copyboard.
  • Low-glare surface minimizes projector reflection. It is better for your eyes, but dry erase marker use isn't recommended.
  • A two panel system that doubles the writing and copy space.
  • Fully interactive in Real Time - Front Projection with PC Control at the whiteboard.
  • Panaboard Software is included. It has many great features.
  • Interactive writing area: 33.5"H x 52.3"W.
  • Copyboard writing area: 32.5"H x 52.3"W.
  • Connectivity: USB.
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General Information

Brands:PanaboardInput Method:Pen
Mount:FloorSurface Type:Low Glare
Type:Interactive WhiteboardsModel:UB-8325

The All-In-One Interactive Solution.

The Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Panaboard offers unique functionality to meet your needs. It gives you the capabilities of a traditional electronic white board, the ability to interact with information in real time right on the board, and even display a projected image on the board. It also functions as a copyboard for you to scan the information and print directly. It's an ideal companion with PowerPoint presentations. Increase efficiency and reduce meeting time by simply writing on the board and printing out the information for easy distribution. Distribute consistent information by using the power of your PC to save meeting notes and then send the information electronically via email or to a printer. Interact with projected images while controlling Windows applications directly from the board for convenient and practical analysis. Easy-to-install utility software includes an electronic pen used in the same way as a computer mouse. Pen strokes can be recorded, captured, saved and replayed on top of PC applications. Experience our real time global teleconference solution using the Microsoft NetMeeting software platform. Draw ideas from all of your resources around the world simultaneously. Panasonic's UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard will energize your meetings, keeping your audience focused and your ideas flowing.

Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard
**Requires computer and projector to operate.

Making Meeting Result Oriented

Get everyone on the same page with Panasonic's Interactive Panaboard, the UB-8325. Whether using the Panaboard in one of its interactive modes, or simply writing directly onto one if its panels, everyone leaves the meeting with the same set of information and everyone will be on the same page. Project your presentations onto the Panaboard, right from your PC. And, for the ultimate in power and flexibility, use the Panaboard's electronic pen to control your PC application right from the board itself. Using the Panaboard's electronic pen or its"on-screen keyboard" you can work with your favorite Windows® applications directly from the board without being confined to your PC. Once you're done collaborating, you can save and disseminate the results. The Interactive Panaboard makes every meeting an effective meeting.

Panaboard UB-8325
Panaboard UB-8325

Don't just present to your audience... interact with them.

Simply use the electronic pen to emphasize and highlight key words and subjects. Even incorporate their comments and feedback. No more one-way boring presentations... get everyone involved and enhance your messaging. But it doesn't have to end there.... save and distribute the collaborated presentation to all the attendees. That's taking presentations to the next level.

Effective Communication During Seminars

Using the Panaboard's interactive software and electronic pen, adding notes to your presentation has never been easier. Notes are displayed on the Panaboard, for all to see, even on your connected PC... and in real time. Imagine standing in front of your board and having complete control over your PC and its applications. That's one of the features you get with Panasonic's Interactive Panaboard software. Advance through your PowerPoint® presentation, toggle between applications... it's the Power of Panasonic's Panaboard. Now, presenting to a large group of people has never been easier.

Panaboard UB-8325
Panaboard UB-8325

Share information in best way

Sharing information with those in front of you, as well as those on the network, is what it's all about in a training session and the Interactive Panaboard lets you do just that. As you write on the board, the participants in the audience in front of you, as well as those on the network see the same training materials. And, once the training session has been completed, participants can store the materials, enabling them to refresh their memory on the subject and ultimately retain more from your training session.

  • Panasonic UB-8325 Features Demo (opens in new window)
    • Interactive Panaboard - The All-In-One Interactive Print Board Solution. Functions as an Interactive Board, an Electronic Whiteboard, a projector screen and an Electronic Print Board with plain paper output.
    • Teleconferencing - When used in conjunction with Microsoft® NetMeeting, provides a cost-effective real-time teleconferencing solution so everyone can attend a meeting, whether they attend on-site or remotely
    • Remote PC Operation - Control you applications for Windows® right from the Panaboard using the included Electronic Pens like a computer 'mouse'.
    • Colorful Electronic Pens - Track meeting notes and important words to emphasize critical issues in color.
    • High Quality Projector Screen - The screen displays crisp data and video images with minimal light reflection.
    • Capture Images - Save meeting notes to computer files for archiving and distribution.
    • Built-in Printer - Allows for materials to be distributed to the audience in seconds.
    • Electronic Pen.
    • AAA Battery.
    • Software CD-ROM.
    Allen UB-8325 is a very interactive whiteboard, Low-Glare surface is non-harmfull for eyes.It works as interactive whiteboard and a copyboard aswell.Thumbs up !!

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  • Panasonic started in 1918 by manufacturing light fixtures. Today it has become a global leader in consumer electronics. Panasonic comprises of 14 business domain companies. Each company has its own distinct R&D, production and sales divisions that respond to its own business segment such as digital AV, industrial solutions, home appliances and other electronic and consumer products.
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  • An interactive whiteboard is an interactive board that connects to a computer and a projector. The projector projects the computer’s desktop on the board’s surface and you can interact and control the computer using a finger, pen or other device. Interactive whiteboards are used in conference rooms, classrooms work groups, training rooms, broadcasting studios and wherever the need arises.
    Boxlight, eBeam, Hitachi, Mimio, NEC, Numonics, Panasonic, PolyVision, QOMO, Quartet and Teamboard specialize in interactive whiteboards. Popular interactive whiteboards are 3M’s DB578, Hitachi’s FX-TRIO-88, Mimio’s 78" diagonal and 88" diagonal, NEC’s IW77, Numonic’s Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77", Panasonic’s UB-T780 and UB-T761, Polyvision’s Touch Sensitive TS 620 and TSL 610, QOMO’s QWB56 and QWB200EM, Quartet’s Q8000, and Teamboard’s TMWM6250CL.

  • Specification

    Board Specifications
    Writing ImplementsDry Erase Markers (Black, Blue & Red)
    Electronic Pen Colors (Black, Red, Blue & Green)
    Panel SurfacesDual-sided
    Panel Advance SystemEndless Scroll Type
    Copying Area35.4" (H) x 55.1" (W)
    Scanning SystemCCD Flat-Scan Type
    Copy Paper SizeLetter
    Print Resolution203 dpi
    Copy ColorBlack
    General Specification
    Power SupplyAC 100 - 120V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption1.4 A/02A (Operational/Standby)
    Weight75 lbs
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 54.7 " x 61.0 " x 10.5 "
    Copying Time/sheet15 Seconds
    Continous Copies1-9
    • Stand
    • Marker Kit
    • Terms and Conditions may apply
    • Company has the right to change specifications without any prior notification

    Supplies & Accessories

    Customize your product the way you want it. We'll update your product price as you make your selections.
    Customize Your Product

    Accessories for UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard

    Select Product Components
    Title Price
    [KX-B063] Wall-mount kit for UB-8325/7325
    • Kit to wall-mount the Copyboard.
    • Also fits KX-BP800, KX-BP735, KX-BP635, KX-BP630, KX-BP535, KX-BP530

    $ 42.00
    [EXT8002] Two-year full parts and labor extended warranty

    $ 295.00
    [EXT8001] One-year full parts and labor extended warranty

    $ 159.00
    [KX-BP082] Thermal Transfer Replacement Kit
    • Thernal transfer print technology
    • Ribbon Cartridge
    • 1 Film and Cassette
    • Goes with model number KX-BP535, KX-BP635, KX-BP735, KX-BP800

    $ 68.00
    [UG-6001] Panasonic Replacement Film
    • Contains 2 replacement thermal transfer film rolls
    • Goes with model number UB-8325/7325/5815/5315
    • 164' each roll

    $ 48.00
    [KX-BP065] Mobile Stand For Panasonic
    • Includes locking casters
    • For Model numbers UB-8325, KX-BP800
    • Easy to use

    $ 240.00
    [KX-BP0481] Panasonic Eraser Cloth
    • Comes with set of 10
    • For model number KX-BP048 and KX-BP0481

    $ 48.00
    [KX-BP048] Panasonic Interactive Eraser
    • Interactive Eraser
    • For use with UB8325, KX-BP800

    $ 140.00
    [KX-BP0385] Panasonic Marker Set
    • Set of Four Marker Pens for Panasonic Panaboard Interactive Whiteboards
    • 1x Green, 1x Black, 1x Blue, 1x Red
    • Fits: KXBP800, UB8325

    $ 29.00
    [KX-BP038] Electronic Pen Holder
    • Electronic Pen Holder for UB-8325, KX-BP800 Interactive Panaboards for use with KX-BP0385 Marker Set

    $ 140.00

    Installation Service for UB-T761/UB-8325

    Select Product Components
    Title Price
    [CBM Installation Services] Electronic WhiteBoard Bundle Installation
    • Electronic whiteboard and Projector installation.

    $ 895.00

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