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Plus Color Multifunctional CopyBoard M-125

This Product has been discontinued and replaced by
Plus N-204 Color Copyboard
Plus Color Multifunctional CopyBoard M-125
Plus Color Multifunctional CopyBoard M-125
  • With More panels including a projection panel, Write notes on the board, Save them on USB Memory Stick or computer, and Print them for everyone's reference.
  • Print in Color or Black and White by connecting a printer. Inkjet and Laser Printer compatible. Up to 20 print-outs at a time from copyboard.
  • 5 Panels with 4 for writing, and 1 for projection. At the press of a button, panels are switched.
  • Share notes on Network. Email them to colleague.
  • Security features include a password to lock and prevent access to the boardís settings.
  • Writing Area: 35"H x 50"W.
  • Connectivity: USB.
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General Information

Colors:ColorType:Electronic Copyboards

Project, Save, Print

The Plus Color CopyBoard M-125 is a multifunction copyboard that features 4 writing surfaces and a built in projection screen. It lets you print your notes in color, save your work digitally either to a USB Memory Stick or directly to your pc, or project images from your computer through a projector. It has a USB Memory Stick port, and connects directly to PC via a USB cord. In addition to these key features, the M-125 offers enhanced security, color laser printer compatibility, PDF, JPG and PNG files support, a new Header/Footer function, and the new integrated "PLUS TOOLBOX" software for even easier operation. The Plus Color CopyBoard M-125 lets you concentrate on the meeting rather than taking notes during a meeting, so the meetings can be more effective. Using the Copyboard, get an instant print out of the meeting for distribution or send as an email attachment.

Plus Color CopyBoard M-125
**Requires computer and projector to operate.

Scan Button

Just push the scan button and you have scanning. This is all it takes to save the writings and drawings on the board as a digital file or to have them printed.

Scan Button
LED Lighting System

LED Lighting System

This system is environmentally friendly and quickly starts the copyboard. By utilizing an energy efficient RGB LED Lighting System, power consumption is reduced by 1/6.

Erase Reminder

It reminds you to erase the writings and drawings which you may have forgotten on the scrolled surface of the Copyboard. This enhances information security as it reminds you to erase the proprietary writings or drawings on the scrolled surface that may be read by a third party.

Erase Reminder
USB Memory compatible

USB Memory compatible

The USB memory port is located at the bottom of the control panel. When you finish writing on the Copyboard, you can save the information to a USB memory stick and then quickly continue the presentation without breaking the rhythm.

Digital file formats

You can save the digital data in any of the following formats: JPEG, PNG and PDF.

Digital file formats
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

You can change the ability to save data to a USB memory stick and/or a PC by accessing the Security setting through a PC. The setting can be locked by a password.

Color/Monochrome print

You can select either beautiful color prints or cost-saving monochrome prints with the push of a single button. The color mode restriction disables color print and color image saving. When it is activated, the "Color" button does not respond when it is pressed.

Color/Monochrome print
Print Setting

Print Setting

You can set the paper size, Time Day Stamp, Header and Footer from your PC. Paper prints help in organizing and filing meeting minutes. The header and footer is printed on the document. The Copyboard print area is not affected or compressed.

Plus Color CopyBoard M-12S

Projection Panel Screen.
A Multifunction model that comes with 4 writing surfaces and a built in projection screen. Attach a projector to your computer, and project the screen on the projection panel. The 4 writing panels can be switched at the press of a button, and offer lots of working space.

Scan your work.
Start scanning with the push of a button. Save these for instant printing. The M-12 uses a new LED light system for low power consumption and quick start. No lamp replacement is necessary and the LED is environmentally friendly. It consumes low power and enjoys a quick start time compared to previous models that had fluorescent light. The erase reminder reminds you to erase the writing and drawing that were scanned but forgotten to be erased by you.

Store your work digitally.
USB memory compatible. Digital storage functionality expands organization-wide communication. The M-12 allows you to store and retrieve the data from the board through either a Direct PC Connection, or by using a USB Memory Stick. The USB memory port is located under the control panel. 1 GB USB can save 4800 drawings or writing. You can also save the notes to your PC. It can be easily connected via USB port. Once you have connected your computer, you can:

  • You can control the Captureboard from your PC.
  • You can change the settings and save images.
The notes can be saved in 3 formats: PDF, JPEG, and PNG. The ability to save on USB or pc can be changed by disabling it through your PC.

Print your work.
You can print the contents of the board in color or black and white using compatible standard inkjet or laser printers. You can utilize the printer in either the copyboard's wall-mounted or floor-standing configuration. Please note that the electronic whiteboard does not come with a printer. You can set the paper size, place Header and Footer from your PC, and place a Time Day Stamp. Advantages of plain paper copies:
  • Present your audience with an exact copy of what has been written on the board.
  • Listeners can commit their attention to the presentation; not to taking notes.
  • Maintain consistency by preventing errors or omissions in drawings, charts, and diagrams.
  • Conveniently store paper copies for future reference.

Color Saving and Printing can be disabled. When it is disabled, the "Color" print button won't respond when pressed.

  • Markers (Black, Red, Blue, Green).
  • Eraser.
  • AC Power Adapter.
  • USB Cable (9 ft Length).
  • Userís Manual.
  • Assembly Set-up Manual.
  • Quick Guide.
  • CD-ROM (TWAIN Driver, Userís Manual (PDF), PLUS TOOLBOX Software).
  • Printer Table.
  • Wall Mounting Brackets.
carter this board comes with the great security features which includes password to lock and prevents access to the board setting it was worth buying

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  • Plus started in 1948 as a wholesale stationer but today manufactures digital projectors, electronic copyboards and interactive whiteboards. The company has been decorated with many awards for its light weight and small projector designs.
    PLUS manufactured the world's first sub-10-pound projector, the UP-800. This projector is based on DLPT technology combining the Digital Light Processing technology developed by Texas Instruments. Plus also introduced the world's lightest XGA projector that featured DLP technology, the UP-800 and the UP-1100.
    Plus is a reliable manufacturer and looks into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth. The main aim is to serve the customers in a best possible way. Its commitment is strong towards creating successful brands.

  • An electronic copyboard lets you save and print the notes you have written. It has a USB port to attach a USB flash drive or printer. Electronic copyboards are used in meeting rooms or classrooms.
    Its major advantage is that it makes it easy for the participants to focus on the discussion at hand without worrying to take down notes. Theyíll be able to get a copy of the notes later. 3M, Panasonic, Plus and PolyVision specialize in the manufacturing electronic copyboards.
    Popular copyboards are Panasonicís UB-5310, UB-7325, UB-5338C and UB-5838C, Plusís CR-5 and M-12S, Polyvisionís Copycam-Pro Copy Board, and 3Mís DB578 Digital Interactive Whiteboard and Electronic Copyboard.

  • Specifications

    Panel Size51 (W) x 36" (H), 1300 (W) x 920 mm (H)
    Readable Area 50 (W) x 35" (H), 1280 (W) x 900 mm (H)
    Number of Panels5, 4 writing + 1 projection screen
    Panel Driving MethodMotorized
    Grid2 x 2", 50 x 50mm
    Reading MethodCCD Optical Sensor (RGB LED)
    Print Method*1Inkjet - HP (PCL Level 3e DeskJet or Compatible - With some exceptions); Lexmark Z2300
    Laser Color - Konica Minolta magicolor 1600W & magicolor 1680MF
    Laser Monochrome - Samsung (SPL:Samsung Printer Language Compatible)
    (Does not come with copyboard.)
    PaperLetter-Size Plain Paper
    ColorsBlack, Red, Blue, Green
    Memory MediaUSB Memory Stick
    Memory Media File FormatPDF, PNG and JPG Image
    PC InterfaceUSB Cord
    PC Interface File FormatPDF, PNG and JPG Image
    Supported OSMicrosoft Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4 or later) / XP (Home Edition / Professional Edition Service Pack 2 or later)/ Windows Vista (32 Bit)
    Power SourceAC Power 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
    Dimensions (with stand, max*2) 58 (W) x 28 (D) x 78" (H) max
    1470 (W) x 700 (D) x 1970 mm (H) max
    Weight (without printer) 99.2 lbs, 45 kg
    Included AccessoriesMarkers (Black, Red, Blue, Green), Eraser, AC Power Adaptor, USB Cable (9ft length), User's Manual, Assembly Set-up Manual, Quick Guide, CD-ROM (Twain Driver, User's Manual (PDF), PLUS TOOLBOX software), Printer Table, Wall Mounting Brackets.
    Optional AccessoriesFloor Stand
    Partition Mount
    USB Memory Stick
    Compatible Printer:
    WarrantyOne Year for Parts, 90 Days for Labor
    †*1 Printer is not included. . *2. the height is adjustable to 66.7, 73.6, and 77.7 inches (1700, 1870, 1970 mm)

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    Accessories for CopyBoards

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    [X44189] Partition Mount $ 99.00
    [M-10] M-10 Printer for Plus Boards
    • Color Resolution:Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
    • Pages per Minute: Up to 22 ppm
    • USB port for a seamless printing solution
    • Cheaper and longer-lasting than thermal printer

    $ 150.00
    [44-597] Eraser for Plus Copyboards
    • Eraser for all Plus Copyboards
    • Don't get caught using your sleeve. Order an extra to keep as a back-up
    • Not for interactive boards

    $ 15.00
    [44-067] Plus Mobile Stand
    • It helps to navigate the whiteboard very easily.
    • It is compatible with M11 and M12 series boards.

    $ 225.00

    Board Markers for CopyBoards

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    [42-895] Black Markers (set of 5)
    • Set of 5
    • Black dry erase marker
    • For use with Plus boards

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    • Set of 5 markers
    • Red dry erase marker
    • Used with Plus boards

    $ 19.00
    [42-897] Blue Markers
    • Set of 5 markers
    • Blue dry erase marker
    • Used with Plus boards

    $ 19.00
    [42-898] Green Markers
    • Set of 5 markers
    • Green dry erase marker
    • Used with Plus boards

    $ 19.00
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