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PolyVision TSL 610 USB Touch Sensitive Lightning ™ Interactive Whiteboard

This Product has been discontinued and replaced by
PolyVision TSL 620 Interactive Whiteboard
  • The World’s first calibration-free Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Lightning’s Photonic Array Technology allows you to begin using the board instantly.
  • The notes you write on its surface can be saved on digital media.
  • Low glare surface ensures your eyes won't hurt while concentrating on the board.
  • RM Easitech Software is included. It has many great features.
  • Screen Size: 77.8" diagonal.
  • Connectivity: USB.
2 years limited warranty
Condition: New  
Warranty: 2 years limited warranty  
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Freight: $110.00  
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General Information

Brands:LighteningType:Interactive Whiteboards
Model:TSL 610  

Interact. Explore. Enlighten. World’s first calibration-free Interactive Whiteboard.

The PolyVision TSL 610 Interactive Whiteboard is the world's first calibration free whiteboard. Standard interactive whiteboards need four to sixteen point calibration, it requires you to walk up to the board and touch between four and sixteen points of a projected image. It is a time consuming and tedious part of using an interactive whiteboard that the TSL 610 doesn't require. The Lightning Photonic Array Technology allows you to power the board and begin using it instantly. It can capture the data from the board, save it on a digital media and print it from the digital media. It can run web browsers, Microsoft Office, The Geometer's Sketchpad, and Inspiration. Use the touch-sensitive surface to open web pages, highlight lessons, and interact with graphics software using the stylus. The PolyVision TSL 610 is a great solution that will save you time and make your audience more interested.

PolyVision TSL 610
**Requires computer and projector to operate.

About PolyVision TS Series

PolyVision TSL 610 in Action

Installing and auto pairing Bluetooth with the eno stylus

Auto pairing the eno stylus using the PolyVision driver

Calibrating a PolyVision interactive whiteboard

Manual pairing Bluetooth with the eno stylus

Inspired teaching

The TSL 610 interactive whiteboard is easy to use and keeps students engaged at every level. Use the touch-sensitive surface to open web pages, highlight lessons, and interact with graphics software using your finger or the stylus.

  • Calibration-free. TS Lightning eliminates the need to perform the four to sixteen point calibration of standard interactive whiteboards so you can enjoy interruption-free meetings and classes!. If your projected image is ever out of alignment, simply press the projection icon on the TS Series icon strip.
  • Works with all your favorite tools. Including web browsers, Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Excel®, The Geometer’s Sketchpad® and more.
  • Integrated controls. Drive the board at the board—instead of from a computer.
  • Grow your technology expertise as you go. RM content tools, sample lessons and activities are included for use as your comfort level increases.
  • Capture and save. Print, email or upload all your notes—for easy access and distribution of lesson content.
  • Connect and go. The PolyVision driver is available on CD to make any computer—teacher’s or student’s—whiteboard-ready.
  • Defy wear and tear. Designed to flex under pressure, the board’s frame stands up to the rigors of any K-12 classroom. The virtually indestructible Teflon®-coated writing surface has the lowest surface gloss on the market for bright, clear images.
Added Efficiencies
  • Select from more than 2,000 images to illustrate lessons.
  • Save time on lesson plans and in class by eliminating the need to write, draw, rewrite and redraw frequently-accessed information.
  • Increase student involvement and understanding with visual and animated models to represent complex concepts.
  • With the Lightning™ one-touch calibration technology option, work comes quickly into focus and you can keep going even if the board or projector gets bumped.

PolyVision’s TS Lightning Interactive Whiteboard is the world’s first calibration-free interactive whiteboard. It eliminates the need to perform the four to sixteen point calibration of standard interactive whiteboards so you can enjoy your meetings and classes interruption-free! If any of the projected images are out of alignment, simply press the projection icon on the TS Series icon strip, and it will be aligned automatically. Lightning’s Photonic Array Technology allows you to begin using the board instantly by just pressing the power on button.
Keep Your Audience Focused
TS Lightning board has the features like the regular TS Series. It'll help you to dramatically improve the group interactivity by allowing your participants to listen and engage. The TSL Series digitally captures any notes written or projected onto the board, so your audience can focus on the session content rather than concentrating on taking notes. The captured notes can then be provided to your audience via e-mail, Internet, intranet, or printed copies.
Maintain Message Consistency
Miscommunication can be avoided when your participants have the same notes; you can save the work on your computer and distribute later. It is also easy to review notes and annotations made during the sessions and update them. This saves time for preparing digital presentations. The TS Lightning Interactive Whiteboard presents a calibration-free experience, interruption-free meetings and classes, interactive projection on a Touch-sensitive Surface that will improve group interest.

Paula J. Reber - Linntown Principal Lewisburg Area School District Lewisburg, PA

"After just a few days of using ēno, I am amazed at how motivated and comfortable the students are doing coordinate graphing on the board. The teacher also commented how teaching decimals was so much easier this year using the board with RM Easiteach software."


If there is a download you need that is not listed, please contact our technical support team at (800) 992-5279



PolyVision ēno Regulatory Certifications sheet.

TSL Series Brochure

Updated: 2009/02/27
Technical specificationsfor the TS Series Interactive Whiteboard

PolyVision ēno mini Series Brochure.

Interactive Whiteboard Installation and Operation Guide (English) 370-0254-03

Updated: 2009/08/17
Installation and operation guide for Interactive Whiteboards

PolyVision ēno mini Series Brochure.

PolyVision Driver Release Notes 1.8.1

Updated: 2009/08/10
PolyVision driver release notes

PolyVision ēno Regulatory Certifications sheet.

Webster release notes 3.6.1

Updated: 2009/04/23
Webster software release notes

PolyVision ēno Regulatory Certifications sheet.

Webster application user guide 370-0235-00

Updated: 2009/03/09
User manual for the Webster software application and related products

PolyVision ēno Regulatory Certifications sheet.

TS Series quick start guide 580-0140-03

Updated: 2009/03/02
Quick start installation guide for TS Series and TS Series Lightning interactive whiteboards

PolyVision driver for Mac

PolyVision Driver (MAC) 1.8.1

Updated: 2009/08/11
PolyVision driver for Macintosh users

PolyVision driver for Windows

PolyVision Driver (Windows) 1.8.1

Updated: 2009/08/07
PolyVision Driver for Windows users
Supports: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese

PolyVision driver for Windows

Webster software for Windows 3.6.1

Updated: 2009/04/23
Webster software for Windows

PolyVision driver for Windows

Webster software for Macintosh 3.6.1

Updated: 2009/04/23
Webster software for Macintosh

PolyVision driver for Windows

Calibration Templates Application for Windows

Updated: 2009/02/27
Windows application for generating PolyVision interactive whiteboard calibration templates

PolyVision driver for Windows

Backdrops for Mac

Updated: 2009/03/02
Graphic backs to use with the Webster application and PolyVision interactive whiteboards

PolyVision driver for Windows

PinPoint Diagnostics software

Updated: 2009/02/27
PinPoint Diagnostics Software for interactive

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  • PolyVision Steelcase started in 1954 manufacturing chalkboards, static whiteboards and the best writing surfaces. Today it manufactures the world’s best interactive whiteboards. It integrates the best tools with innovative technologies and environmental responsibility with the aim to present definitive learning and teaching solutions of modern era.
    PolyVision flagship products include the ēno mini slate and ēno classic. ēno click, ēno one, Touch Sensitive TS 620 USB Interactive Whiteboard, ēno Classic 2610 Interactive Whiteboard and Walk-and-Talk IP-17 Interactive Panel are among its popular products. Other products include image capturing system, photo software, educational software, whiteboard photo software, student response systems and accessories.
    PolyVision is determined to move all products, processes, operations and policies towards the path of development and sustainability. It has earned certifications for being environment friendly. PolyVision looks into the future with a new age of quality, innovation and growth. The main aim is to serve the customers in a better way by transforming the company into an innovation machine fueled by consumer insight and differentiated by superior marketing of consumer-preferred solutions.

  • Specification

    Active Area & Dimensions

    A (H X W) 47.7" x 67.0" (1210mm x 1700mm)
    B (H X W) 43.0 in. x 65.0" (1090mm x 1650mm)
    C (Diagonal) 77.8" (1976mm)
    D (Depth) 3.0" (76.2mm)
    Resolution 8000 x 8000
    Weight 55 lbs (24.97 Kg)
    Lightning Technology Yes
    RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) Yes
    Connection USB
    Surface material Touch-sensitive, low-glare, stain-resistant Teflon® surface
    Power Requirements USB powered
    Certification CE, FCC Class A, RoHS
    Accessories (Included)
    • One 3.25" (830 mm) round eraser
    • 15 foot (5m) USB Cable
    • Stylus
    • User Guide
    Computer Requirements
    Microsoft Windows ® :
    • Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or Tablet XP
    • Pentium ® processor, 128 MB RAM
    • One USB port

    Apple Macintosh ® :

    • Power PC Intel processor
    • Mac OS version 10.2 or higher
    • 256 MB RAM (higher screen resolutions require more memory)
    • One USB port
    • Stylus
    • Round Eraser
    • Mobile Adjustable Height Stand (MS Series)
    Software Features
    • Transfer images via drag & drop, clipboard, or file export
    • Anti-aliased markup including highlighters
    • Real-time playback
    • Multiple monitor support
    • Save images in JPG, BMP, TIFF, WMF, HTM, PDF, PCT, MacPaint, PSD, PNG, Quicktime Image, and TGA
    • Terms and Conditions may apply

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    Accessories for TSL 610

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    [MS 600] Mobile Stand for TS and TSL 600/610 $ 520.00
    [440-0021-01] PC Serial to USB adapter 19HS Keyspan $ 83.00
    [560-0166-00] Replacement passive stylus $ 22.00
    [770-0152-02] 3 1/4" round eraser $ 22.00

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    [EWW Installation Services] Electronic WhiteBoard Bundle Installation
    • Electronic whiteboard and Projector installation.

    $ 895.00
    Customer Testimonials

    "My experience in ordering an electronic whiteboard from Clary Business Machines was super easy. I did some research online and decided Clary had the Panaboard that we needed. I placed the order online a week and a half ago and the board was delivered today. I hope the guys around here can figure out how to install it!!"


    "Alex, we will be starting school in a few weeks. I am looking forward to using the smart board. I am still searching for software for Orton Gillingham for the the smart board. Let me know if you have any contacts.Paula"

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