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RM Education Interactive Whiteboard Language Arts Toolbar

This Product has been discontinued and replaced by
RM Easiteach Next Generation
RM Education Interactive Whiteboard Language Arts Toolbar
RM Education Interactive Whiteboard Language Arts Toolbar
  • With all tools that are important for your teaching
  • Remove punctuation from a text, effectively edit text on screen
  • Quickly make word cards with Editing, Word & Sentence Builder
  • With Remove Punctuations, Cloz, Highlight toll and Timer
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Warranty:1 Year Warranty 
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General Information

Category:WhiteboardsManufacturer:RM EasiTeach
Type:Educational Tools and Softwares, ToolbarModel:Language Arts Toolbar

The English Language Arts tools are especially effective when teaching language at word, sentence and text levels. The ‘split-screen’ feature allows you to display text on one page and to drag words or blocks of text to another page for editing or reformatting. Tools included are: Word and sentence builder cards, add and remove punctuation, Cloze procedure, writing frames, spell checker, word highlight, speak words, repel text for desk top publishing and a timer to increase pace in lessons. All the tools work on any text typed directly onto the page or cut and pasted from elsewhere.

Inspired by teachers and teaching experts, RM Education’s innovative and easy-to-use teaching tools are software equivalents of familiar teaching tools, including place-value cards for Math, sentence builder cards for English Language Arts, map building tools for Geography, and stopwatch and timer tools for Science. The RM Education curriculum tool bars have been designed for use with Elementary, Middle and High School students.

Big Edit teaches students how the editing process can improve their text. A text (e.g. a sentence or phrase) is selected within a RM Easiteach page. When the Big Edit tool is selected from the Language Arts Toolbar, the selected phrase will appear at the top of the Big Edit window. The phrase can then be repeatedly edited with the final version of the sentence or phrase being pasted back into the original text.

Word & Sentence Builder
Once this tool is selected it enables teachers to select cards containing common words and word endings and to place these on the RM Easiteach screen. As well as providing a range of ready-made cards, teachers can also create their own cards. The cards fit together and can be used to build words from their parts or sentences from whole word cards. The cards can even be printed out and stuck on card for use away from the computer.

Remove Punctuation and Capitals Tool
This great tool enables teachers to remove punctuation from any text source, allowing the students to be able to drag the punctuation back to its correct position. This tool also allows you to remove the capital letters.

This neat tool makes a cloze activity in seconds. Choose a text, and then simply click on a word to send it to the word wallet, with the word being replaced by an underline. The words can then be dragged from the word wallet into their correct places.

Highlight Tool
This versatile tool allows you to identify different categories of words pictorially, be it nouns and verbs, spelling patterns, or rhyming sequences - its uses are endless.

This fun tool allows teachers to set time limits for tasks thus improving the pace of the lesson for both the teacher and the students.

RM Easiteach is rapidly becoming the default software application for interactive classroom use because:
  • It has been designed specifically for education and whole-class teaching
  • You can use it throughout your school and across the curriculum
  • It engages and inspires students
  • It works on all brands of interactive whiteboards and other interactive technologies
Designed for Education and Whole-Class Teaching
  • RM Easiteach software has been designed in very close collaboration with teachers and teaching experts
  • RM Easiteach enhances teachers creativity, making it more exciting to teach
  • RM Easiteach brings interactivity and creativity into lessons so even the most reticent of students will want to get involved
  • The breadth and scope of RM Easiteach makes it ideal for developing lateral and literal thinking
  • It is cross-curricula with a family of innovative, flexible teaching tools and adaptable curriculum-focused content
  • The RM Easiteach family is being continually developed: we are adding new tool bars, extra functionality and enhanced content packs all the time
Why Use RM Easiteach Throughout Your School?
  • Works with all brands and types of interactive whole-class teaching technologies
  • Efficient because you can share, adapt and re-use lesson activities across your District
  • Standardize your whole-class teaching software and so save time and money on teacher training
  • Tools and multimedia resources for use across the curriculum
  • Subject-specific tools available to teach English Language Arts, Math, Science and Geography
  • Ready-made lessons and content available for English Language Arts, Math, and Science, with an educational games pack suitable for use throughout the school
RM Easiteach Engages and Inspires Students
  • Motivate and enthuse your class by creating exciting and flexible lessons
  • Involve your class by creating interactive resources
  • Create visual and animated models to demonstrate concepts and processes
  • Create resources suitable for a range of different learning styles
  • RM Easiteach engages students allowing teachers to teach faster-paced lessons
  • Memorable screens help students to learn and recall difficult concepts
  • Interactive content helps students to stay on task for longer periods
  • The screens can inspire students to continue learning after the lesson
  • Ideal for encouraging effective questioning and group discussion

  • Microsoft® Windows ®98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP.
  • 64MB RAM on Windows 98, ME.
  • 128MB RAM on Windows 2000, XP.
  • 400MHz.
  • 250MB hard disk space, extra disk space is needed for each content pack

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  • Easiteach is a software program developed by RM. RM provides interactive software and services to schools worldwide. This software is primarily used in combination with interactive whiteboards.
    Easiteach is designed to support education by engaging students and bringing lessons alive. It’s useful in any educational setting. One of the popular boards is the RM Interactive Whiteboard Classpad. Software packages mostly work with specific whiteboards, but the Easiteach works with all whiteboard brands.
    RM has earned four awards for its dynamic products and remains popular because of its improved efficiency. RM Easiteach is the best and most innovative software in educational computing. It is the best teaching tool ever and has transformed teaching.

  • Customer Testimonials

    "This is used by a group of Business Analysts currently designing a new workflow solution for our firm (major project). Since we use process maps as our basic work tool, this board was exactly what was needed to create and maintain our maps from design sessions. We determined that 80% of the normal whiteboard work had to be repeated a some later date. Now we simply pull up the clearly dated map copy for comparative work purposes, I calculated that it would take only 35 saved hours for the board to pay for itself. After a week of heavy use, it looks as though we will save around 12 hours per week by circulating copied maps. This will improve communication (same map and notes for all), improve meeting attention (no note taking), and reduce backfill reviews. Now the only problem we have is that other areas of our IT Department want to use it. Chuck Haag Vice President Process Development Unit national Default Exchange"


    "We recently purchased a Panaboard UB-5315 w/PC Interface with stand. It was above and beyond what we were expecting. The items shipped quickly and where easy to put together. The sales rep was knowledge and helpful in determining the products we needed to go with our whiteboard. We are very happy with our products and would plan on purchasing from Clary Business again in the future."

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