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  • Global leader in interactive teaching technologies
  • Specializes in manufacturing superior quality interactive whiteboards
  • MimioTeach, MimioVote, MimioCapture, MimioView and MimioPad are the latest in the market
  • A favorite brand for educators
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  • Let you easily add pictures or live video to your interactive whiteboard lessons
  • Has a 1600x1200 Native Resolution
  • LED light produce light and not heat, will not damage delicate materials
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Works seamlessly with MimioStudio Software and MimioClassroom Products
  • We also offer Discount Educational Prices. To download the application form Click here.
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Lease @ $74.76/m
MimioClassroom is a complete solution for interactive teaching with exceptional user participation. It features easy-to-use MimioTeach, MimioView, MimioPad and MimioVote all in one.

  • MimioTeach is a portable and cost effective solution for converting any surface into interactive whiteboard.
  • MimioPad lets you control the functions of interactive whiteboards from 30 feet distance.
  • MimioView presents crisp and clear images, 3D documents and live videos with its 2,000,000 pixels camera and 1600 x 1200 UXGA resolution.
  • MimioVote Assessment System allows you to collect the audience response dynamically giving rise to active participation.

Mimio Classroom Full Bundle: Teach, Vote 32, View, Pad
Quantity: 1 - 9$3,308$3308$288
Quantity: 10 - 25$3,164$31640$4320
Quantity: 25+$3,057$79482$14014
Quantity: 50+$2,877$146727$36618

Mimio Classroom Full Bundle: Teach, Vote 24, View, Pad
Quantity: 1 - 9$3,124$3124$272
Quantity: 10 - 25$2,988$29880$4080
Quantity: 25+$2,887$75062$13234
Quantity: 50+$2,717$138567$26469

Mimio Classroom Upgrade Bundle: Vote 32, View, Pad
Quantity: 1 - 9$2,573$2573$224
Quantity: 10 - 25$2,461$24610$3360
Quantity: 25+$2,377$61802$10920
Quantity: 50+$2,238$114138$28509

Mimio Classroom Upgrade Bundle: Vote 24, View, Pad
Quantity: 1 - 9$2,389$2389$208
Quantity: 10 - 25$2,285$22850$3120
Quantity: 25+$2,207$57382$10140
Quantity: 50+$2,078$105978$26469
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