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Hitachi Interactive Plasma Display PXDUO-50P

  • Hitachi+Interactive+Plasma+Display+PXDUO-50P
  • Hitachi+Interactive+Plasma+Display+PXDUO-50P
Hitachi Interactive Plasma Display PXDUO-50P
Hitachi Interactive Plasma Display PXDUO-50P
  • It is placed over the Panasonic Plasma Display to convert it to an interactive multi-touch screen.
  • Works with the 50 inch Panasonic Plasma Display.
  • Allows you to have virtual meetings and distance learning. PXDUO can be setup to allow 2 users interact at the same time.
  • You can use your finger, stylus, or the electronic pen to operate.
  • Starboard Software is included. It comes with many great features.
  • Screen Size: 50" diagonal.
  • Connectivity: USB.
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1 Year Warranty
Warranty:1 Year Warranty 
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General Information

Brands:StarboardType:Interactive Plasma Displays

Best way to transform your Plasma display into an interactive touch screen

The Hitachi Plasma Overlay PX DUO 50P is a unique way to have an interactive touch screen. It will be placed over the 50" Panasonic plasma display, and transform it into an interactive touch screen. You can control and navigate computer applications with your finger, stylus, or any object. It uses the Hitachi’s DUO infrared technology to create a fast and accurate touch response that allows two users to interact at the same time. The Hitachi PXDUO 50P is ideal for boardrooms, customer meeting rooms, training, distance learning and video conferences.

Hitachi PX DUO 50 Panel Overlay
**Requires computer to operate. Panasonic Plasma Display is provided.
Hitachi PX Duo

Control Options

You have a number of options to operate the board with. There is the supplied electric pen or you can use your fingers or the stylus pen. The choice is yours, and all these will work fine on the board.

Control Options
Hand Scrolling

Hand Scrolling

You can use your hands for file management. If you have an image directory open, you can scroll through the images with one hand, and enlarge the image you like with the other hand.

StarBoard Software

The StarBoard Software allows multi-touch interaction between the whiteboard and computer applications. The surface itself is not an active component and therefore needs the software to interact. StarBoard is user friendly and has many great features.

Starboard Software
Supplied Pen

Supplied Pen

An electronic pen is supplied with the PX Duo 50. You can use this pen to control the functions of the board. It has three side buttons and you can assign mouse events as desired.

Customizable Buttons

The whiteboard comes with 16 Function buttons on both the sides. These buttons have the functions you need, and out of these 14 can be customized by you for quicker functionality.

Customized Buttons
Wireless Connection

Field Repairable

The detachable digitizer is repairable, and if the board malfunctions, just send the digitizer to repair.

Tom It is a unique idea. Need getting used to in the beginning, but it is brilliant in its performance.

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  • Hitachi started in 1920 and is now a leading manufacturer. Its manufacturing line includes Power Systems, Rail Systems, Industrial and Social Infrastructure Systems, Urban Planning and Development Systems, Information and Control Systems, Information and Telecommunication Systems, Defense Systems, and Battery Systems.
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    Hitachi continues to thrive and remain a successful company for its quality products and services. It looks into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth. It remains focused on creating strong and successful products that are recognized worldwide as market leaders.

  • Interactive plasma display is a device that converts any monitor or TV screen into interactive board monitor. They are used classrooms and business meetings.
    Interactive plasma displays advantage is that a shadow is not cast by the presenter and that these screens have a lifespan of around 30,000 hours.
    Hitachi specializes in manufacturing interactive plasma displays. The best and popular interactive plasma displays are PXDUO-50P, PXDUO-50P, PXDUO-65P and PXDUO-65P.

  • Specifications

    Display TypePlasma Overlay
    Digitizing TechnologyInfrared Image Sensor System
    Coordinate ResolutionApprox. 500 lpi
    Sampling RateApprox. 100 points/s (USB 1.1 full speed)
    Interface to ComputerUSB 1.1, 2.0 (cable length: 20.3 ft.)
    Effective Detection Area50 inches
    Power Consumption5V 500mA (USB Bus Power)
    External Dimensions48"(W) × 33.3"(H) × 2.6"(D)
    Digitizer Weight
    Approx. 16.5 lbs.
    Operating Requirements
    41-95 °F (5-35 °C) 20-80% Humidity
    Function Buttons
    16 (14 customizable)
    1 year warranty
    Electronic Pen
    Communication System
    Power Supply
    AAA Alkaline
    Battery Life
    Approx. 80 hrs (continuous use)
    Function Buttons
    Packing Dimension
    52"(W) x 38.6"(H) x 6.3"(D)
    Packing Weight
    Approx. 33.1 lbs.
    Supplied Accessories
    2 retractable styluses, electronic pen w/AAA Alkaline battery, Users Guide
    Electronic Pen Warranty
    1 year warranty
    Required Components
    Plasma Display Models
    TH-50PH9, TH-50PF9, TH-50PH10, TH-50PF10, TH-50PH11, TH-50PF11, TH-50PH12, TH-50PF12, TH-50PD12 (Panasonic)
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    "Alex, we will be starting school in a few weeks. I am looking forward to using the smart board. I am still searching for software for Orton Gillingham for the the smart board. Let me know if you have any contacts.Paula"


    "My experience in ordering an electronic whiteboard from Clary Business Machines was super easy. I did some research online and decided Clary had the Panaboard that we needed. I placed the order online a week and a half ago and the board was delivered today. I hope the guys around here can figure out how to install it!!"

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