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Kobra 310 TS SS4 Departmental Office Shredder

  • Kobra+310+TS+SS4+Departmental+Office+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+SS4+Departmental+Office+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+SS4+Departmental+Office+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+SS4+Departmental+Office+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+SS4+Departmental+Office+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+SS4+Departmental+Office+Shredder
  • Kobra+310+TS+SS4+Departmental+Office+Shredder
Kobra 310 TS SS4 Departmental Office Shredder
Kobra 310 TS SS4 Departmental Office Shredder
  • Shreds up to 39 sheets of paper at a time, CDs, DVDs, credit cards
  • Has a Touch screen panel
  • AUTOMATIC REVERSE System in case of jamming
  • Dimensions: 21.2"x17.2"x38.4"
  • Throat Width: 12.2" in.
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General Information

Security Level:Low Security ShreddersSize:Departmental Shredders
Type:Strip Cut ShreddersModel:310 TS SS4
MPN:310 TS SS4UPC:8 026064 998604

The Kobra 310 TS SS4 Strip Cut Touch Screen Paper Shredder is basically a departmental shredder which can shred a high volume of papers, CDs, DVDs and credit cards. It has a touch screen panel integrated with all the controls. The user can access these control with the help of the touch screen. The touch screen panel is very easy to use. The user simply has to touch the controls on the screen and the shredder will operate according to the instructions given by the user. For example, for transparent materials, the user has to keep his finger on the control for 5 seconds and the shredder will operate for 30 seconds. The Kobra 310 TS SS4 Strip Cut Touch Screen Paper Shredder shreds papers into 1/8" wide strips and provides security of level 2. The cutting knives have been designed with high precision which makes the shredder capable of shredding paper clips and staples. There are two separate sets of cutting knives and shredder bags which makes it possible for the shredder to separate the shredded material and collect them separately.
The Kobra 310 TS SS4 Strip Cut Touch Screen Paper Shredder has an Electronic Power Control System which displays the shredding load requirement for optimum performance. It has the most advanced Energy saving system known as "Energy Smart" which allows the shredder to consume less power and achieve higher loads. It also prevents the shredder from jams. The Kobra 310 TS SS4 Strip Cut Touch Screen Paper Shredder comes with Super Potential Power system which consists of a metal chain drive system and powerful steel gears. The metal chain drive system does not wear out as quickly as the plastic chain drive systems and is very reliable. It also has an Automatic Reverse functionality which allows the shredder to go into Auto reverse mode when it is overloaded. The Kobra 310 TS SS4 Strip Cut Touch Screen Paper Shredder has a very powerful Metal Detection System which stop the shredder when a metal is accidently inserted into it. It warns the user with the help of an illuminating optical indicator so the user can remove the metal before it starts its operation.
This shredder is ideal for medium sized offices who want to save energy while achieving high shredding volume.

  • Shreds up to 39 sheets of paper at a time, CDs, DVDs, credit cards
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • "EPC - Electronic Power Control" System: shows the shredding load required to optimise shredding without jams
  • "ENERGY SMART®" power saving system: machine goes into power saving stand-by mode after just 8 seconds and switches off automatically after 4 hours of non-operation
  • "AUTOMATIC REVERSE" System in case of jamming
  • 24 hour continuous duty motors: no duty cycle or timed cool down periods
  • Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears "SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT"
  • Carbon hardened cutting knives unaffected by staples and metal clips
  • New high precision design of cutting knives allows high shred loads with low power consumption
  • 2 separate sets of cutting blades: one for paper and one for CDs, DVDs and credit cards
  • 2 distinct bags for separating shredded paper from plastic shreds

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  • Kobra is manufactured by ELCOMAN. It is a leading brand for office shredders which have the ability of shredding paper, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, flip charts, professional guillotines and trimmers and credit cards.
    Kobra’s flagship shredder, the Cyclone Compactor C-500, is a popular one and reduces the volume of the shredded paper by 4 to 5 times. The recently introduced Kobra TS shredders have touch screen technology in addition to being heavy-duty. Their continuous motor, security levels are outstanding in quality.
    ELCOMAN is one of the world leaders in production of office shredders. It takes pride in manufacturing unique products having high added value, exceptional design and patented cutting edge systems based on exclusive technological solutions.

  • Departmental shredders cut unwanted confidential material, ensuring they don’t fall in the wrong hands. They are used for shredding high volume, and handle large volumes of paper. They have a wider feed opening so that they can shred bigger stack of papers at the same time.
    Dahle, Clary, GBC, Kobra, Martin Yale and MBM specialize in manufacturing departmental shredders. Popular shredders are Dahle’s 30406, Clary’s 3800S, GBC’s GDS2213, Kobra’s 385 S4 and 390 S5, Intimus’s 452CC and 702, and Destroyit’s 3803SC.

  • Specifications


    310 TS SS4

    Sheet Capacity39 Sheets
    Daily Capacity2500 Sheets
    Shred Size (Paper)straight cut 1/8”
    Security Level2
    Throat Width12.2" in.
    Bin Capacity135 litres/1400 sheets
    Waste bag volume36 gal.
    Weight117 lbs
    Cutting Speed20 FPM
    Motor920 watts
    Continuous Run Time24 hours
    Voltage Cycle (v/Hz)115/60 V/Hz
    Noise level57/58 dba
    Waste Sack TypeS5

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    Accessories For Kobra 310 TS SS4

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    [SB5] Kobra Shredder Bags
    • Quantity: 200 Bags/Box
    • It is made of transparent plastic.
    • It is used for cleaning and easy disposal.
    • It can be used with Kobra S-100, C-150/E, +1 SS4, +1 SS7, +1 CC4, +2 SS4, +2 SS7, +3 CC4, 240 SS2, 240 SS4, 240 SS5, 240 C2, 240 C4, 240 SS4T, 240 SS5T, 240 C2T, 240 C4T, 240 HS and 240 HS6.

    $ 184.00
    [1032] Kobra Shredder Oil
    • 4 quantity of 7 oz bottles.
    • Ensures smooth and optimized operation.
    • Proper oiling makes the shredder long lasting.
    • Can be used with all Kobra Shredders based on customer needs.
    • Also available: 1 Quarter bottle.
    • Also Available: 1 Gallon bottle.

    $ 79.80
    Customer Testimonials

    "We bought a shredder from another company and had to send it back, that was a big mess, it didn't do what it said it would and then we bought this one, the original brand I wanted to purchase in the begining and glad that we did, it turned out to be a really great machine. Works really good and very quite! Everyone in the building was impressed with it and they like it."


    "I had already sent an e-mail to Joe Panella telling him how impressed I was with Clary already because of his prompt response to my order. I had just had a horrible experience with another company that I ordered the same merchandise from, so I was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful service I got from Clary right away. We have not yet received our shredder (it has been shipped), but I am very excited that it is on its way! It is amazing that I had been dealing with another company for over two months and now after only two weeks our shredder will soon be here! Thank you so much for your prompt service and Joe was very pleasant on the phone, also! Pat Wright, Westhaven Elementary School, 118 Westhaven School Road, Belleville, IL 62220 618-257-9201"

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