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Qomo QWB100WSEM 100" Electromagnetic Interactive Whiteboard - USB

  • Qomo+QWB100WSEM+Electromagnetic+Dual+Pen+Whiteboard
  • Qomo+QWB100WSEM+Electromagnetic+Dual+Pen+Whiteboard
Qomo QWB100WSEM Electromagnetic Dual Pen Whiteboard
Qomo QWB100WSEM Electromagnetic Dual Pen Whiteboard
  • Wide screen electromagnetic whiteboard with outstanding Resolution.
  • Dual pen technology allows 2 people to write at the same time.
  • Optional wireless module which allows the Whiteboard to connect wirelessly to a computer.
  • Electromagnetic Technology records precise and accurate pen strokes and mouse clicks.
  • Electromagnetic Anti-glare surface allows user to interact using Electromagnetic pens.
  • Offers outstanding Resolution of 107500 x 59000 pixels.
  • Comes with 2 wireless Rechargeable pens.
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9.
  • Export Files as PDF, PPT, HTML & JPEG.
  • No external power is required. It comes with a USB cable.
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General Information

Aspect Ratio:16 : 9Diagonal Size:100 Inches
Digitizing Technology:ElectromagneticInput Method:Pen
Mount:WallSurface Type:Low Glare, Magnetic
Type:Interactive WhiteboardsModel:QWB100WSEM

The Qomo QWB100WSEM Wide Screen Electromagnetic Dual Pen Whiteboard has a wide range of applications in Education, Military, scientific, Medical and Legal and other sectors where there is a need for high Interactive teaching environment. It is a Wide screen whiteboard with a screen size of 100 inches which connects through USB or wirelessly with the built-in Wireless module. It features Dual Pen technology which allows 2 users to write and annotate on the whiteboard at the same time. It has a matte finished electromagnetic surface which allows wireless interactivity with electromagnetic pens. The surface is highly durable and reduces glare.

The Qomo QWB100WSEM Wide Screen Electromagnetic Dual Pen Whiteboard uses electromagnetic technology which allows for precise and accurate left and right mouse clicks and pen strokes. The electromagnetic pens use one AAA battery and are rechargeable. It comes with a Flow! Works annotation software which provides additional features and allows the user to export their work in PPT, PDF, HTML and JPEG formats. The Qomo QWB100WSEM also comes with additional RM EasiTeach North America Starter pack software to provide other fantastic options to the users. The whiteboard does not need any external power supply since it is gets power directly from the Computer through a USB cable.

**Requires computer and projector to operate.

  • Optional USB and wireless connectivity with computer with built-in Wireless Module.
  • Available dual pen technology for greater flexibility.
  • Flow! Works whiteboard software allows you to annotate over any running applications and save all of your work.
  • RM Easiteach North America starter pack included for US K12 customers with NO additional cost.
  • Software bundling options for everything from Special Ed to Middle School Math- QOMO has you covered.
  • Electromagnetic pen is used to operate the board using only one AAA battery and can produce left and mouse button clicks.
  • Digital electromagnetic technology allows for precise and accurate mouse clicks and pen strokes.
  • Durable surface with Aluminum frame is built to withstand wear and tear exceptionally well.
  • Superb projection surface that gives an optimal view from various angles and reduces glare.
  • Export files in PPT, PDF, HTML and JPEG formats.
  • Packaged with wall mounting brackets and optional mobile stand for installation.
  • USB cable included - no external power necessary.
  • Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS Snow Leopard, Linux.
  • 2 wireless pens
  • Wall mounting kit
  • USB Cable
  • RM Easiteach Software
  • Mobile Floor Stand (Optional)
  • Eraser/Pen holder (Optional)

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  • Specifications



    TechnologyElectromagnetic Technology
    Touch SystemWireless electromagnetic sensitive pen
    Projector size95" (47"H x 83"W)
    Response Time<8ms
    Cursor Speed120 dots/s(254 dots/inch)
    Location accuracy0.02mm
    Power consumption=300mA
    Active size98" (47"H x 85"W)
    Dimensions51"H x 89"W x 2.4"D
    Packing Dimensions56"H x 100"W x 5"D
    Net Weight55 lbs
    Gross Weight81.4 lbs
    Software DriversWindows2000/XP/vista/7 32bit/64bit
  • Wireless pen
  • wall mounting parts
  • USB extended cable
  • Stand(optional)
  • Eraser/pen holder
  • Working temperature-4F ~ 122F
    Working humidity15% ~ 90%
    Storage temperature-4F ~ 131F
    Storage humidity15% ~ 90%
    Writing PenDual Pen and Rechargeable
    Frame MaterialAluminum(Grey)
    Hot Keysleft

    Supplies & Accessories

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    Accessories for Qomo EM and IR Boards

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    [QWB-StandU1] Qomo Mobile Stand QWB-StandU1
    • Designed for 78", 88" and 105" Whiteboards. (Both IR and EM)
    • Easy mobility of the board.

    $ 365.00
    [QWB-StandU2] Qomo Mobile Stand QWB-StandU2
    • Designed for 78", 88" and 105" Whiteboards. (Both IR and EM)
    • Easy mobility of the board.

    $ 365.00
    Customer Testimonials

    "This is used by a group of Business Analysts currently designing a new workflow solution for our firm (major project). Since we use process maps as our basic work tool, this board was exactly what was needed to create and maintain our maps from design sessions. We determined that 80% of the normal whiteboard work had to be repeated a some later date. Now we simply pull up the clearly dated map copy for comparative work purposes, I calculated that it would take only 35 saved hours for the board to pay for itself. After a week of heavy use, it looks as though we will save around 12 hours per week by circulating copied maps. This will improve communication (same map and notes for all), improve meeting attention (no note taking), and reduce backfill reviews. Now the only problem we have is that other areas of our IT Department want to use it. Chuck Haag Vice President Process Development Unit national Default Exchange"


    "I've been looking to ordered the Cintiq 21ux, but it seems like every placed that sold one was out of stock. I placed my ordered with Clary Business and had the product shipped within the next day. Customer service was extremely helpful and nice. "

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