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eBeam InfoWall Interactive Solution - 2

  • eBeam+InfoWall+Interactive+Solution
  • eBeam+InfoWall+Interactive+Solution
eBeam InfoWall Interactive Solution
eBeam InfoWall Interactive Solution
  • Complete interactive solution that saves money and time.
  • Solution includes 2 eBeam Edge receivers and either 2 or 3 projectors.
  • ScalableDesktop 2.0 software is used to blend and wrap the multiple projectors into a mega-pixel screen.
  • Enables you to project multiple diagrams or images at the same time.
  • Annotate the multiple diagrams or images, and save them.
  • Save money by buying the whole solution together instead of buying them separately.
  • eBeam edge comes with an interactive stylus.
  • 4 color coded marker sleeves are supplied to capture dry erase marker notes.
  • Supplied eBeam Interact and eBeam Capture software make the board interactive and allow you to capture notes from the work, simultaneously.
  • eBeam Edge connects with USB edge.
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General Information

Input Method:StylusMount:Wall
Type:Interactive WhiteboardsModel:InfoWall

The eBeam InfoWall is a complete interactive solution that comes with the software and hardware you need. It saves you time and money as you get the interactive whiteboard and the projector together without having to buy them separately. The complete package includes 2 eBeam interactive receivers and a choice of 2 or 3 projectors. The eBeam interactive receiver is a device that turns an ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. The interactive whiteboard is blended and wrapped with the projectors using ScalableDesktop 2.0.
The eBeam InfoWall offers incredible features not available in any other interactive solution. It can be set up in a large mega-pixel screen so that you can open multiple images and documents. You can annotate the projected diagrams, images and other files, and save the notes, ideas and marks. Youíll be able to accomplish many tasks quickly with the eBeam InfoWall.

eBeam features:

  • A perfect combination of interactive whiteboard and a digital copy board.
  • Free and secure internet/intranet sharing, voice recording and software update.
  • Ultra portable and easy to setup.
  • Portable design protects it from damage or theft.
  • Works with your existing whiteboard and projector.
  • Software launches when the marker sleeves or stylus touches the board.
  • Marker sleeves use regular dry erase markers.
  • Bluetooth Wireless or USB connectivity.
  • Supports Both Windows and Mac.
  • Two year limited warranty.

ScalableDesktop 2.0 Features:

  • Automatic Edge-Blending - Rapid camera based calibrations for pixel perfect blends, setup and completed in minutes.
  • New User Interface - Brand new look & feel helping to streamline the calibration process, even more user friendly.
  • "One Touch" Re-Calibration - Enhanced automation built in for users to re-run a calibration in the blink of an eye.
  • Requirements Validator - Ensures your system meets the minimum requirements for creating a great display.
  • Enhanced Screen Fitting Options - New methods for calibrating curved screens expediting the setup process.
  • Capture Additional Inputs - Using a Datapath Vision RGB-E2 a user can feed two HD inputs.

Automatic Edge-Blending Ė Experience the interactive session in a super-sized high resolution workspace. The computer display is automatically blended on the edge.

Navigate and Manipulate Data Ė Use the big space to you advantage. Carry out a number of activities like brainstorm, share and collaborate ideas, play multimedia, and quickly label data.

Create, Capture and Deliver Physical and Digital Content Ė Write, edit, distribute and archive the content written on the board. Open the content on the big screen for assessment and review

  • Business Collaboration and Conference Rooms
  • Interactive Displays and Touch Walls
  • Museums and Classrooms
  • Higher Ed Auditoriums
  • Houses of Worship
  • Military Training Facilities
  • Data and Business Visualization
  • Ultra High Resolution Desktop Workstations
  • Video Playback and Digital Signage
eBeam Info Wall

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  • eBeam is developed by Luidia, Inc . Luidia manufactures portable interactive whiteboard systems and accessories that are used worldwide. The company is headquartered in the Silicon Valley.
    eBeamís products allow text, images and video to be projected onto a variety of surfaces and the interactive marker or stylus can be used to access control menus, add notes, control images and create drawings. The work can be saved and e-mailed to meeting participants and shared in real time on the Internet or on local networks. Its flagship product, Edge, transforms whiteboard into a collaborative workspace and users can mark up anything projected from a computer.
    eBeamís products convert any standard whiteboard and other surfaces into interactive displays. Itís a cost-effective and efficient alternative to fixed-size interactive whiteboards. eBeam is a reliable brand that solves the requirements of education and business offices.

  • An interactive whiteboard is an interactive board that connects to a computer and a projector. The projector projects the computerís desktop on the boardís surface and you can interact and control the computer using a finger, pen or other device. Interactive whiteboards are used in conference rooms, classrooms work groups, training rooms, broadcasting studios and wherever the need arises.
    Boxlight, eBeam, Hitachi, Mimio, NEC, Numonics, Panasonic, PolyVision, QOMO, Quartet and Teamboard specialize in interactive whiteboards. Popular interactive whiteboards are 3Mís DB578, Hitachiís FX-TRIO-88, Mimioís 78" diagonal and 88" diagonal, NECís IW77, Numonicís Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77", Panasonicís UB-T780 and UB-T761, Polyvisionís Touch Sensitive TS 620 and TSL 610, QOMOís QWB56 and QWB200EM, Quartetís Q8000, and Teamboardís TMWM6250CL.

    Interactive Systems

    An interactive system is a device through which you can communicate with a computer. It can be keyboard, interactive panel or interactive whiteboard.
    Mimio manufactures the most popular Interactive Systems. These are the Mimio Interactive and MimioTeach Interactive System.

  • Specifications

    Product Model:JBA eBeam Infowall
    eBeam Edge specifications:
    Projection Active Area:100" diagonal
    Whiteboard Active Area:up to 8'w x 4'h
    Cable:16' USB cable, with eBeam connector
    Windows Requirements:Windows Ė compatible PC with Pentium II 400 MHz+ processor and 256 MB RAM
    Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, or Vista
    30 MB available hard drive space
    Available USB port
    Screen recorder requirements: At least a Pentium IV processor 1.4Ghz, with 512MB RAM
    Mac Requirements:Macintosh Power PC/ Intel 400MHz+
    Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.5
    10 MB available hard drive space
    Available USB port
    Position Accuracy:+/- 1.5mm
    Radio range:up to 33 ft.
    ScalableDesktop 2.0 specifications:
    Requirements:Single Windows 7 PC w/ certified CPU & GPU (Contact authorized SDT reseller for requirements)
    Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, C910, or Canon Rebel SLR camera (XTi, XSi, T1i, or T2i)
    Six projector maximum.

    Supplies & Accessories

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    Accessories for eBeam InfoWall Interactive Solution

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    [Ingest Card] Ingest Card
    • Connect a secondary laptop or VC system to the InfoWall.
    • Designed to let you get the most from the valuable expansion slots.
    • Eliminates the expense of multiple systems in many applications.

    $ 2099.00
    [InfoWall Kit] InfoWall Kit
    • Installation kit for the InfoWall.
    • Includes installation kit for the eBeam unit.
    • Includes installation kit for the projectors.

    $ 4999.00
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    "Clary was very helpful with our orders.Sales managers are very kind and we got extra discount for our school. Panasonic Elite UB-T780 Interactive Whiteboard is very amazing and useful. Thanks Clary"


    "My experience in ordering an electronic whiteboard from Clary Business Machines was super easy. I did some research online and decided Clary had the Panaboard that we needed. I placed the order online a week and a half ago and the board was delivered today. I hope the guys around here can figure out how to install it!!"

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