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Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter

  • Elmo+EV-4400AF+Analog+Visual+Presenter
  • Elmo+EV-4400AF+Analog+Visual+Presenter
Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter
Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter
  • Fully featured for total operating convenience and with 4 control modes that include front panel, wireless remote, mouse or RS-232C terminal.
  • Capture bright images with the high 1/3" IT CCD 410,000 Pixel Camera.
  • Clear Display is provided by 18X Optical Zoom with Auto Focus/iris.
  • Tall camera height captures tall objects; can capture thick encyclopedia and 3-D objects.
  • Large capture area allows it to capture a B3 16.5" x 12.2" paper.
  • More than 470 TV lines (H).
  • Included remote control gives you control from far.
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3 years manufacturer Warranty
Warranty:3 years manufacturer Warranty 
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General Information

Category:Meeting SolutionsManufacturer:Elmo
Type:Analog Presenters, Document CamerasPixels:Below 1MP
Zoom:5x - 40xCapture Area:Custom
Price Range:$1601 - $2600Model:EV-4400AF
Fully Featured Analog Presenter

The Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter is an advanced presenter compared to the Document Cameras. It has a towering camera that lets you capture tall objects, thick encyclopedias and 3-D objects. The camera head is movable so you can present live images from any angle. The camera has a flip open lens that capture close range and distant objects. When the flip is closed, you can take close up images, and when the flip is opened, you can take distant objects. There are two lighting towers that emit efficient light that can lighten a person in a TV conference application. With the remote control and the optional LCD monitor, you have presentation power in your hands.

Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter

Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter

1. Flip Open Lens

The flip of the close up lens allows you to switch between normal or distant shots. The flip has to be opened forward to take a distant shot.

2. Rotating Camera Head & Arm

The camera head and arm pivots and rotates to virtually unlimited positiosn. This flexibility helps teachers emphasize key points of instructions. Addtionally, the arm's solid construction holds an image position without vibration.

3. Lightning LEDs

The unique design of the lighting arms produce glare free illumination. There will be no glare on the stage, and it is bright enough to lighten a person in a TV conference application.

4. Unobstructed Display

The light arms can be folded down to give you unobstructed display. It makes it easier for you to position objects.

5. Simple Operation

Elmo has kept it simple; as with all its products. There are three function buttons that allow easy operation for you.

6. Mouse Control

You can control the functions with the supplied mouse. You can adjust object with one had, and control functions though the mouse with the other hand.

Powerful Experience Like No Other

The Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter is more advanced than a scanner, document camera or an overhead projector. It projects live images on the screen when it is connected to a projector. Any image can be magnified and presented clearly with the one-push auto focus button. The enlarged images can be scrolled up and down, left and right; you don't have to move the object or visual!

Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter

Compact Size

The Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter has a compact design. When you are taking it down for storage or to another class, you can fold down the arms and the camera head to make it more compact. It weighs 22lbs, and can be easily carried for on the go presentations.

Elmo EV-4400AF Analog Visual Presenter
Jerry I can zoom in to show the finest of the details. Haven't seen this in any other document camera ever!

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  • Elmo started 80 years ago and is now a leading manufacturer of document cameras and video surveillance cameras. Elmo specializes in document cameras, but also sells micro cameras, projectors and wireless tablets. Elmo’s document cameras are well recognized for their reliability.
    Elmo’s flagship document camera, TT-02RX, is one of the most popular document camera amongst school districts across the US. Elmo’s latest invention, the CO-10 high performance desktop document camera, has set new standards for classroom interactivity. ELMO has combined their CO-10 document camera with CRP-26 projector to create the Doc-Tor, a document camera and projector bundle system that provides a turnkey solution for teachers at a fraction of the cost.
    Having a strong focus on the future, Elmo realizes that it is very important to strive and enhance the value and competitive position of its products. It remains focused on creating strong and successful brands that will be recognized worldwide as market leaders.

  • A document camera captures real-time images or documents and displays it to a large audience. Document cameras are generally used in classrooms and for giving presentations.
    Document camera replaces the outdated and limited transparency projector. It does not require computer connection or networking and benefits teaching.
    QOMO, Elmo, and Epson specialize in manufacturing document cameras. Popular document cameras are QOMO’s QPC 30, QD3300, QD700, QD750 and QView QD6100SX, Elmo’s CP-10 and TT-02RX, and Epson’s DC-06, DC-10s and DC-11.

  • Specification

    Image pick-up device

    1/3" IT CCD 410,000 pixels

    S/N ratio

    More than 48dB

    Resolution (Horizontal)

    More than 470TV lines

    Close-up lens

    Built-in (one-touch flip on-off)

    Shooting area (VxH)

    420x310mm - 26x20mm (16.5"x12.2"-1.0"x0.8")

    Head rotation (front-rear)

    Built-in (245°)


    Auto (with level adjustment)


    18x zoom (powered)

    Electronic zooming



    Auto focus/Powered focus

    White balance


    Nega./Posi. conversion


    Color/B&W selection


    Edge enhancement


    Enlargement of the image

    Yes (Image from internal camera only)


    Yes (Image from internal camera only)

    On screen display


    Sync. system

    internal/External (Horizontal & Vertical)

    Input selection


    Composite video output

    2 (One each of BNC & RCA connectors)

    S-Video output

    1 (Mini DIN 4 pin connector)

    Audio output

    Stereo (RCA connectors)

    Microphone input


    Composite video input


    S-Video input


    Audio input

    x2 (stereo)

    Upper lighting unit

    Built-in (6W x2)



    DC12V output

    Provided (for optional LCD monitor)

    Wireless (IR) remote control


    Mouse control




    Flat stage


    Carrying handle



    10 kgs (22.1lbs)

    Power source

    AC120V 60/50Hz

    Power consumption


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    "Great! Customer service is fantastic, as always. Anders is great to work with and very quick to repsond to any questions or needs."


    "I am glad we ordered, however I felt that it took a while to ship, I ordered it on a tuesday and they shipped it the on a monday - 6 days. "

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