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Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX DUO-88

This Product has been discontinued and replaced by
Hitachi Starboard FXTRIO-88W Interactive Whiteboard
  • Hitachi+Interactive+Whiteboard++FX+DUO-88
  • Hitachi+Interactive+Whiteboard++FX+DUO-88
  • Hitachi+Interactive+Whiteboard++FX+DUO-88
Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard  FX DUO-88
Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX DUO-88
  • A multi touch operable Interactive Whiteboard that is perfect for classrooms or boardrooms. It will make teaching or presentations more enjoyable.
  • Low-glare surface minimizes projector reflection. It is better for your eyes, but dry erase marker use isn't recommended.
  • Electronic-free surface for durability. Holes or scratches don't affect the whiteboard's functionality.
  • You can use your finger, stylus, or the optional electronic pen to operate.
  • Starboard Software is included. It has many features that will make your presentations or teaching interactive.
  • Screen Size: 88" diagonal.
  • Connectivity: USB and optional wireless.
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General Information

Brands:StarboardType:Interactive Whiteboards
Model:FX DUO-88  

Making presentations and teaching enjoyable

The Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX DUO 88 is a multi touch Interactive Whiteboard that is perfect for small classrooms or boardrooms. It makes your lessons and seminars interactive. You can write on the board with your fingers, the electric pen or the provided stylus. You can scroll by motioning with the flat of your hand, or expand the display by motioning with your fingers. The hard and durable surface is low glaze being easy on your eyes. Use of dry erase markers isn't recommended.

Hitachi FX Duo 88 Interactive Whiteboard
**Requires computer and projector to operate.

Subjects Toolbar

You can choose which subject toolbar to be displayed on the whiteboard. The Easiteach software contains toolbars of different subjects, and you can choose the subject and the grade level. This way you can focus on the required subject with your students. It is Mac and Windows compatible.

Subject Toolbar
3 inputs

Simultaneous Inputs

The bigger size allows more people to write on the board’s surface at one time. You can quiz more students at the same time or have more presentators in a meeting. There will be more interaction this way.

StarBoard Software

The StarBoard Software allows multi-touch interaction between the whiteboard and computer applications. The surface itself is not an active component and therefore needs the software to interact. StarBoard is user friendly and has many great features.

Starboard Software
Low Glare

Low Glare

A special coating on the board surface minimizes projector reflection making it gentle on the eyesight. This coating makes it hard to use dry erase markers.

Customizable Buttons

The whiteboard comes with 16 Function buttons on both the sides. These buttons have the functions you need, and out of these 14 can be customized by you for quicker functionality.

Customized Buttons
Wireless Connection

Connection Method

The whiteboard is connected by USB. The USB interface is 1.1, 2.0. You can also buy the optional wireless kit that will set up your whiteboard directly without any wires.

FX DUO 88 Benefits

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  • An interactive whiteboard is an interactive board that connects to a computer and a projector. The projector projects the computer’s desktop on the board’s surface and you can interact and control the computer using a finger, pen or other device. Interactive whiteboards are used in conference rooms, classrooms work groups, training rooms, broadcasting studios and wherever the need arises.
    Boxlight, eBeam, Hitachi, Mimio, NEC, Numonics, Panasonic, PolyVision, QOMO, Quartet and Teamboard specialize in interactive whiteboards. Popular interactive whiteboards are 3M’s DB578, Hitachi’s FX-TRIO-88, Mimio’s 78" diagonal and 88" diagonal, NEC’s IW77, Numonic’s Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77", Panasonic’s UB-T780 and UB-T761, Polyvision’s Touch Sensitive TS 620 and TSL 610, QOMO’s QWB56 and QWB200EM, Quartet’s Q8000, and Teamboard’s TMWM6250CL.

  • Specifications

    Input MethodsInfrared Image Sensor System
    Interface to ComputerUSB 1.1, 2.0
    Effective Screen Size88 inches (74.3 in x 46.5 in)
    Sampling RateApproximately 100 points/sec
    ResolutionApproximately 0.002 in
    AccuracyApproximately ± 0.06 in
    Board MaterialParticle wood core, Cured resin surface
    Operating Specification5 – 35 Celsius, 20 – 80% Humidity w/o condensation
    Dimensions (board)(in)80.9 x 54.7 x 2.4
    Weight (lbs)72.8
    Packing dimension (in)85.2 x 62 x 4.3
    Packing weight (lbs)Approx. 99.2
    CertificatesVCCI Class B, FCC Class B, CE, UL
    Warranty5-year limited equipment warranty upon registration. See hardware manual for details

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    [FXDUOWLKIT] Hitachi wireless kit
    • Allows for neat and flexible installation by eliminating wires and freeing uSB ports
    • Provides the convenience to place your computer anywhere in your room
    • Uses standard 802.11b/g technology
    • Easy Setup with Windows ® Connect Now support

    $ 245.00
    [FXDUOPEN] Hitachi Electronic Pen
    • Customizable function buttons for the interactive whiteboard for use with pen mode
    • compatible with FXDUO Whiteboard

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    "Clary was very helpful with our orders.Sales managers are very kind and we got extra discount for our school. Panasonic Elite UB-T780 Interactive Whiteboard is very amazing and useful. Thanks Clary"

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