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iRespond UltraLite - 24 Pack

  • iRespond UltraLite is a powerful and affordable student response system.
  • Based on RF technology for fast and reliable data transmission.
  • Each handset has unique pin due to which multiple users can use the same handset.
  • Wireless receiver can be connected easily to the computer via USB.
  • Delivered with Teacherís Dashboard software.
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General Information

Category:Meeting SolutionsManufacturer:RM Education
Type:Audience Response SystemModel:iRespond UltraLite

iRespond UltraLite is a feature-rich and cost effective student response system. This RM learning product is really intuitive and fun to use. Just connect the wireless receiver to the computer via USB and its good to go. Based on fast and reliable RF technology, it collects feedback in real time. It is available in two configurations: one with 24 handsets and the other with 32 handsets. You can also add additional handsets depending on your requirements. Every set has a unique PIN code, which allows instructors and students to use the same remote. This allows multiple users to use the same handset.

You can use the iRespond UltraLite in class rooms, trainings and corporate meetings. It collects feed backs in real time and helps in conducting actionable and influential assessments. It ensures participation from each student in the class and creates an interactive and communicative learning environment. The comprehension level of students can be evaluated by their response time.This provides teachers with an effective metric to gauge and improve student learning.The types of questions supported by iRespond UltraLite include multiple choices (up to 5 choices), true/false, yes/no, content items and surveys. It allows creates instant reports such as student grade reports, test results or detailed analysis reports. The system also makes it easy to record attendance based on when students log in.

The iRespond UltraLite comes with the Teacherís Dashboard software. Using the software, you can add audio, video and web links to presentations. It also allows posting results to digital grade books.

    • Collect real time feedback.
    • Based on RF (Radio Frequency) technology for reliable and fast data transmission.
    • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.
    • Add audio, video and web links to presentations.
    • Unique PIN codes prevent misuse of product and identity thefts.
    • Unique PIN codes allow multiple users to use the same remote handset
    • Support for different types of questions such as multiple choices, yes/no, true/false, content items and surveys.
    • Available in two configurations, one with 24 handsets and other with 32 handsets.

The Teacherís Dashboard is integral to iRespond Lite. It allows you to truly maximize the benefits of iRespond Lite. Some of the Teacherís Dashboard software :

  • You can navigate activities with real-time feedback.
  • You can deliverlectures, collect homework, conduct tests, and quickly assess student performance.
  • Support for Microsoft PowerPoint allows integration withslideshows and lessons
  • Import rosters & tests and exportresults and feedback to student management systems and grade books.
  • Generate customized printer-friendly reports in various formats
  • Individual and class-wise student performance assessment
  • Create multimedia rich content to presentations including audio, video and weblinks.
  • Competitive gaming mode allows teachers toconduct various team challenges.
  • Resume or replay sessions at anytime
  • Create study guides for teachers

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    iRespond UltraLite



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    Radio Frequency



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