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  • Specializes in manufacture of superior paper shredders and has built a strong brand reputation
  • Also leads with laminating machines, binding machines and report covers & folders
  • Its flagship shredder, GDX1813 Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder is popular among offices
  • GBC takes pride in producing the world’s fastest laminator known as HeatSeal QuickStart H420 and H320
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  • SelfSeal™ NoMistakes™ pouches allow you to laminate quickly and confidently without a machine to protect your frequently used and important items.
  • Easy to use anytime, anywhere.
  • You can reposition you items for up to 24 hours simply by opening the pouch to straighten your document or to eliminate wrinkles and bubbles.
  • First dimension is sealed edge of pouch.
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  • Keep your important items safe for as long as you want.
  • HeatSeal® RetrieveIt™ pouches provide superior clarity and document protection with the ability to remove your item still intact.
  • Simply cut open the pouch to remove your document.
  • Great for protecting documents that can't easily be replaced short or long-term.
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  • SelfSeal™ self adhesive lamination pouches are perfect for your occasional lamination projects that does not require a machine.
  • Simply peel off the backing sheet and seal your item inside.
  • Ideal for heat sensitive materials, inks and photos or when you don't have a machine.
  • First dimension is sealed edge of pouch
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  • HeatSeal® Nap-Lam® I Roll Film provides lower-cost standard quality performance for use with the Ultima™ 65 and other "hot-roll"-style laminators.
  • Poly-in, 1" core.
  • 2 rolls per box; price is for 1 roll.
  • Not compatible with "heat shoe"-type roll laminators
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  • HeatSeal® UltraClear™ pouches are great for everyday use providing professional lamination to keep your documents looking clean and crisp.
  • Available in a variety of mil thicknesses and sizes including menu, letter, legal, photo, ID badge, luggage tag and more.
  • First dimension is the sealed edge.
  • Includes carrier for legacy GBC® machines.
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  • LongLife™ lamination pouches include a UV additive to preserve color integrity and prevent yellowing up to 10 times longer than standard pouches.
  • Enhance your important documents with the best in clarity and protection.
  • Available in a range of sizes and mil thicknesses.
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  • Most economical thermal lamination pouch to keep your documents protected.
  • Great for high volume, everyday document lamination providing a crystal clear or matte finish.
  • Available in letter-size in 1.5 and 3 mil thicknesses.
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