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Presentation Tools

  • Presentation tools are used for conducting and assisting presentation activities.
  • These include interactive whiteboards, electronic copyboards, interactive panels, interactive plasma displays, educational tools and software, bluetooth and USB tablets, multimedia projectors and document cameras.
  • They are available in different screen sizes, can be portable from one place to another or fixed in one room, have different resolution, and interactive features.
  • Used in offices, business organizations, network operation/command centers, educational institutes, and entertainment venues.
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RM EasiTeach

  • A software program made by Research Machines Ltd used in combination with interactive whiteboards in schools
  • Specially designed to support all lessons by engaging students and bringing lessons alive
  • RM Interactive Whiteboard Classpad is popular among educators
  • RM stays popular because of its improved efficiency
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  • Designed for teachers
  • Built-in content packs provide a range of readymade lessons
  • Especially designed for use with interactive devices
  • Motivational, engaging and practical in use
  • Features multi-device, media bank, multi-touch, widget bank, text-to-speech capabilities and much more
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