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Conferencing Equipment

  • Conferencing equipment enables you to set up a live conference with colleagues or clients at remote sites; eliminating the need to travel to remote sites.
  • Conferencing equipment can be audio conferencing equipment, network equipment, and video conferencing equipment.
  • They can have a high definition or standard definition resolution, and be used as an audio solution, camera, endpoint, integrator or telepresence.
  • Used in offices, business organizations, network operation/command centers, and entertainment venues.
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  • Specializes in making high quality videoconferencing equipment
  • Quattro2 MT-301 USB, MT302-1L Quattro2 PSTN-1L and Duet Executive MT202-EXE are admired by customers
  • Phoenix is committed to grow and expand with high quality products and services
  • Large and international businesses benefit from Phoenix
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  • The Phoenix Audio Quattro2 MT305 is a USB Conference Phone.
  • Digital Telephone Interface
  • PC or MAC compatible
  • In-Room sound reinforcement
  • Suitable for large conference room settings
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  • USB Connection
  • Video and Voice over IP (VOIP)
  • On board reprogrammable memory
  • External Speakers and Microphone
  • PC or MAC compatible
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  • MT302-1L is a single line analog conference phone.
  • Plug and Play - USB connection
  • Video and Voice over IP
  • External Speaker and Microphone
  • On board reprogrammable memory
  • Supports three-way call and switching between personal and conference call.
  • Dual line analog conference phone PSTN-2L (MT302-2L) is also available.
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  • The Quattro2 MT303 is Video Codec Application (VCA).
  • Video and Voice over IP (VOIP).
  • External speaker and microphone.
  • USB and RCA connection support
  • Two-three DIP switch for send level adjustment.
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  • The Duet Executive MT202-EXE is a desktop Plug and Play speakerphone.
  • Video and Voice over IP (VOIP).
  • Built in speaker and microphone.
  • Advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression.
  • DIP switch for send level adjustment.
  • Speaker out jack for connection with external speakers and amplifiers.


  • Takes pride in being the sole provider of end-to-end and integrated unified collaboration solutions
  • It is also the only provider of ultimate high definition solution known as Polycom UltimateHD technology
  • Its VSX 7000s videoconferencing system is the most popular product among masses
  • A favorite choice for international businesses
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  • Scheduling, monitoring, and managing MGC™ conferences
  • Multiple MCU support and monitoring screen for Polycom WebOffice™
  • Manage an active meeting or view schedules through one login window
  • Provides call redundancy when used with MGC+50 and MGC+100
  • Environments are customizable with graphics
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  • Supports a worldwide directory of video devices deployed globally
  • Devices automatically register for easy deployment
  • Centralized control of network saves time, resources and cost
  • Automatic software uploads to networked video/audio conferencing
  • E.164 support enables video calls to be dialed by name, extension, or alias
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  • Integrated conference management, scheduling, and gatekeeper functionality
  • Scalable, add-as-you-grow used, from smallest to the largest networks
  • A single, common directory source through LDAP/H.350 interoperability
  • Automatic software updates to networked Polycom video devices
  • Administrators can create policy management parameters to control bandwidth
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  • Advanced Gatekeeper IP & ISDN video conferencing made easy
  • Rapid network deployment and scalability
  • Automated management saves time, resources and money
  • Integrate with Polycom Conference Suite™ to enable ad-hoc video calls
  • Intelligent network routing enables calls to be transported via lowest cost network
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