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Scoring and Perforating Machines

  • Scoring and perforating machines are ideal for scoring and perforating brochures, checks, coupons, tickets, and computer generated forms.
  • It comes with different numbers of perforating wheel, and two scoring wheels.
  • It has varying speed and accepts various paper weights.
  • Used in offices and business organizations.
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Martin Yale

  • Serves markets worldwide in office products
  • Specializes in industry leading shredders
  • Recognized for its industry leading brands like Intimus® shredders, Master® paper punches, Mead-Hatcher™ computer accessories and Premier® table-top trimmers
  • ts brands drive the workplaces of the world and its products are found in offices worldwide
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  • Stand alone score/perf capability.
  • Fully adjustable paper guides accommodate paper widths from 3.5" to 11".
  • Creates tent style business cards, occasion cards, and/or tickets.
  • Includes one 14-tooth perf wheen and one scoring wheel.
  • Durable Semi-Self Sharpening Blades with Off and On Feed Control.
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