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Mimio Pad Wireless Tablet - For Regular Customers

  • Award winning MIMIO teaching solutions (2009)
  • Works right out of the box with no setup required.
  • Works seamlessly with mimio® Studio 6 software
  • Wireless operation with included USB wireless receiver
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Easy-to-read LCD display shows number of connected pads along with pen, battery, and connection status
  • Easy battery charging via the included USB computer cable
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General Information

Type:Bluetooth and USB TabletsModel:1747666

Power in your Hands

The MimioPad gives you the functions of an interactive whiteboard in a wireless tablet. It gives you the advantage to control your computer from 30 feet away. It functions as a mouse, and is more accurate. It is compact, having a screen size of 8" W x 6.4" H, and is pen-driven. It comes with a pen holder, page up/down buttons, and volume control. Its battery life is an amazing 16 hours. The MimioPad allows you to control your computer while roaming around the room so that you have more interaction with your audience. It also gives you the benefit to connect with about 50 other MimioPads so that more users can simultaneously interact at the same time.

**Requires computer and projector to operate.
Scholastic Administr@tor awards mimio a Best in Tech Award, 2009 for Whiteboard Solutions. Scholastic will recognize mimio at a formal awards ceremony during the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Washington, D.C

Award winning mimio teaching solutions put the excitement of interactive learning in teachers� � and students� hands. Now, with mimio� Pad every student can create and collaborate with mimio� Interactive from anywhere in the classroom.

  • Custom tailored shortcut keys allows the mimio� Pad to work seamlessly with mimio� Studio 6 software.
  • Easy to set up. mimio� Pads� wireless technology is ready to go, right out of the box.
  • Very slim and incredibly light, the mimio� Pad can be easily held by even tiny hands.
  • Connect multiple mimio� Pads to a single classroom computer to enable multistudent collaboration.
  • Intelligent power management features gives mimio� Pad a 16 hour charge life.
  • Long-range operation. Works up to 30 feet (10 meters) from the classroom computer.
  • mimio� Pad is also easy on the budget and available with special educational pricing

Function Buttons
The top panel houses the function buttons. There are 16 buttons that are shortcut to the most frequently used functions.

Wireless Setup
You don't have to worry about tripping over wires while you walk across. The MimioPad is set up with wireless connection, and you can be 30 feet away and it'll still work. Your system can be paired with 50 systems.

Short Hand
You can write down quick notes in the MimioPad for future reference. When you are at a distance from your station while presenting, it'll be hard for you to go back and write notes on a paper. Notes written here can be edited later.

  • MimioPad tablet.
  • stylus.
  • USB RF wireless receiver.
  • USB mini-B cable (3 ft).
  • Pen tip extractor tool.
  • 2 replaceable pen tips.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion type battery.
  • Optional pen tether.
  • 3 CDs containing installers for Windows (MimioStudio 7) in 12 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic) and for Mac (MimioStudio 6.21) in English only.

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  • Mimio manufactures interactive whiteboards and is a global leader in interactive teaching technologies. Mimio’s breakthrough innovations have proved very helpful for educators to focus more on teaching and for students to concentrate more on learning. Mimio’s progressive role in the world of interactive teaching is helping it stand apart and grow further.
    Mimio also makes document cameras, but its primary focus is on whiteboard capture devices. The Mimio Pad Wireless Tablet, Mimio Interactive, Mimio Interactive+Capture, Interactive Whiteboard 78" diagonal and Interactive Whiteboard 88" diagonal are the best selling, popular and award winning products. Mimio interactive whiteboard technology is based upon the combination of Ultrasound and Infrared, allowing you to capture all the ink strokes written on the whiteboard.
    Mimio is a complete classroom solution and looks into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth. Its main objective is to serve the customers in a better way by transforming the company into an innovation machine fueled by consumer insight and differentiated by superior services of classroom solutions.

  • Interactive tablets are small boards that interact with interactive whiteboards. They have a certain range from which they can be operated from. Interactive tablets are particularly used in classrooms and business meetings.
    Interactive tablets allow you to move about the room while using the pen on the tablet to run any computer application. It functions like a desktop mouse, but can perform other operations with the pen input device such as annotation. Wacom, eBeam, Hitachi, Mimio and QOMO specialize in manufacturing interactive tablets.
    Popular interactive tablets are Wacom’s Bamboo Pen Only Tablet, Bamboo Touch Only Tablet, Bamboo Pen and Touch Small Tablet, eBeam’s Inscribe 200e Wireless Tablet, Hitachi’s WT-1 Interactive Wireless Tablet, Mimio’s Pad Wireless Tablet, and QOMO’s QIT-30 Interactive Tablet.

  • Specifications

    Model No.1747666
    Data Transfer Rate - Wireless16 kbps
    Power options
    (default/priority order)
    3.7V 700mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable �Nokia type� battery
    USB connection to the computer (also required to recharge battery on-board tablet)
    Pad Battery Life (fully charged)16 hours continuous
    Tablet Weight1.02 lbs. with batteries
    Complete Packaged System Weight2.1 lbs. with styli, eraser, cable, & batteries
    Tablet Dimensions1.5" H x 11" W x 0.5" D
    Tablet Active Surface Area8" W x 6.375" H
    Resolution2000 Lines Per Inch
    Stylus Pen
    • Electromagnetic pen (optionally tethered to Tablet) is powered by single AAA Alkaline or Rechargeable battery (included).
    • Moving pen over tablet active surface hovers the cursor over the desktop. Touching pen tip to Tablet active surface is Left Click.
    • Buttons on pen initiate Right Click with touch or from Hover.
    Levels of Pressure Sensitivity1024
    Pen Reading Height0.39"
    Pen Report Rate120 RPS
    Pen Accuracy�0.42 mm
    Controls & Indicators on the Tablet
    • 16 Icon Shortcut Keys at top edge of Tablet Active Surface area activate Mimio Tools functions.
    • 2 Buttons active Page Up/Page Down functions.
    • Scroll Wheel track permits use of pen for easy control of Sound Volume
    • On / Off button
    • LCD display (1.5� x 0.6�) indicates Battery charge status, wireless link and device ID.
    Use with Interactive WhiteboardMimio Pad can be used as a stand-alone interactive device or in tandem with an Interactive Whiteboard. If used with a Mimio Interactive Whiteboard system both devices can be supported an used from a single activated installation of Mimio Studio software.
    Multiple DevicesUp to 50 Mimio Pads can be supported from a single Mimio Pad wireless receiver. Each device will be assigned a unique Device number displayed in the LCD panel on the Tablet. Mimio Pad can be �re-paired� to another or separate wireless receiver to return to independent use.
    Certification & ComplianceFCC / CE / BSMI / Russia / SRRC (China) / KCC (Korea) / VCCI (Japan)
    Operating Systems Supported
    • Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista
    • Macintosh OS X v. 10.4 or higher
    • Fedora 10+, openSUSE 11.1+, Ubuntu 8.04+
    System Requirements
    Windows (Studio v.6.11)
    • Windows compatible PC with Pentium II 400 MHz+ processor or equivalent
    • 32MB RAM minimum (256MB RAM recommended)
    • 120MB free disk space minimum
    • CD ROM Drive
    • Available USB port
    • Available VGA port for interactive whiteboard use
    System Requirements
    Macintosh (Studio v.6.23)
    • PowerPC� G4 or better processors or Intel� processors, 700 MHz processor
    • 256MB RAM (512 recommended)
    • 200MB free disk space minimum
    • CD ROM Drive or internet connection to download software
    • Available USB port
    • Available Video Out port for interactive whiteboard use
    System Requirements
    Linux (Studio v.6.2)
    • Pentium II, 450 MHz processor or equivalent
    • Ubuntu version 8.04. 8.10, 9.04 operating system software OR Fedora version 10 and 11 operating system software OR OpenSUSE version 11.1 operating system software
    • 256 MB RAM minimum (512 MB RAM recommended)
    • 200 MB free disk space
    • CD-ROM drive or Internet connection to download software
    • Available USB port (required to use a Mimio device)
    • Available Video Out port for interactive whiteboard use
    Languages SupportedCD or down-loadable installation for Windows in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean Hangul. CD or down-loadable installation for Mac in English, Mac and Linux down-loadable installers in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean Hangul. Portuguese installers available from Mimio Distributors in Portugal and Brazil
    Mimio NotebookAll pages created or captured in Mimio Studio can be accessed and re-arranged in a convenient Notebook.
    Mimio Notebook Page ViewsAll pages created or captured in Mimio Studio can be accessed and re-arranged in Full Page or Thumbnail view in the Studio Notebook.
    Importing Data into Noteboo
    PowerPoint (ppt), Word (doc and docx), and Acrobat (pdf) files can be imported in their entirety into the Studio Notebook, where each document page becomes a background template page in Notebook which can be annotated, overlaid with other data objects and presented.
    Importing Data into Noteboo
    PowerPoint (ppt), Word (doc and docx), and Acrobat (pdf) files can be imported in their entirety into the Studio Notebook, where each document page becomes a background template page in Notebook which can be annotated, overlaid with other data objects and presented. Any Mac application (MS Office, Keynote etc.) supporting Save As PDF or using the Print to PDF function can thus be imported into Notebook.
    Importing Data into Noteboo
    PowerPoint (ppt), Word (doc and docx), and Acrobat (pdf) files can be imported in their entirety into the Studio Notebook, where each document page becomes a background template page in Notebook which can be annotated, overlaid with other data objects and presented. Mimio Tools Thin vertical context sensitive floating tools palette for interactive use or editing/creation of Notebook pages directly from the computer. Includes Pens, Highlighters, Lines/Arrows, Rectangles, Ellipse, Polygons, Text Boxes, Image/Screen Capture / Import and an array of interactive controls and presentation tools.
    Content GalleryAn application launched from the Mimio Tools palette - includes an expandable directory tree containing more than 1,500 selectable background templates, image objects, multi-media objects and Lesson Plans in categories of Geography, Mathematics, Music, Planning, Reading & Language Arts, Science, Sports & Recreation as well as Miscellaneous Tools & Templates. Also includes a Directory of saved Screen Annotations. Users can create their own custom galleries, templates and image content from any digital image files, video, or Flash objects. Content/template Galleries can be easily exported/imported & shared between users.
    Gallery Content Data Types Supported
    • Mimio Studio Ink pages and files
    • All standard image file formats & screen clippings
    • All standard digital video formats (that play in Win media player)
    • Flash (swf) objects
    Keyword and Search Functions for ContentContent in the Gallery can be accessed by keyword search. Users can add multiple keywords to any object through its Properties.
    Object Locking and TransparencyData objects of any kind (image, text, graphic, ink, video, Flash) can be locked in place anywhere on a Notebook page. Degree of transparency can be set from incrementally from 0% (solid) to 90%
    Embedded HyperlinksHyperlinks to other Studio pages, other documents, or web pages can be embedded in any data object on any Studio Notebook page
    Object ManipulationAll data objects (Ink, Graphics, Images, Text Boxes) can be moved, rotated, grouped/ungrouped, layered, and snapped to grid or angle on the Studio Notebook page. Grids can be displayed on page with snap to function.
    Screen Clipping - Image, Screen CaptureAny part of any screen, document, web page, dialog, or window can be selected and captured onto a Studio Notebook page from which it can be dragged/copied into a Mimio Gallery as a background template or as a foreground image object.
    Screen Markup and AnnotationMimio Tools can be used to annotate, markup or label any software application document page or screen in �Screen Annotation Mode�. Annotated pages are automatically captured into a Screen Annotation directory in the Gallery from which pages can be selected and brought into other applications as image objects or into Mimio Studio Notebook for further editing or presentation or printing
    Presentation ToolsIntegrated presentation tools include Reveal Screen, Spotlight, and direct web page access.
    Internet UseDirect access to default Home Page from Mimio Tools. Any web page can be accessed, viewed, annotated and captured, or screen clipped interactively.
    Handwriting RecognitionConverts handwritten Mimio Ink data to editable ASCI text (English only) either live (online) as written into any text box or after the fact (offline) from any recorded ink notes (created in Ink Recording or Interactive modes)
    Mimio RecorderRecords any full screen, application windows, or selected screen area as video with synchronized voice or other audio. Recorded files (.avi for Windows, QuickTime MPEG-4 for Mac,), can be replayed in standard Windows Media, QuickTime, or Real Player. N/A for Linux
    .avi files created using Mimio Studio Recorder can be converted to MPEG-4 and imported into Apple iTunes (Win or Mac) for delivery via Podcast or synchronization with Apple video iPod devices.

    MPEG-4 files created using Mimio Studio Recorder (Mac) can be opened as QuickTime movie on a Mac, imported into iMovie, and imported into Apple iTunes (Win or Mac) for delivery via Podcast or synchronization with Apple video iPod devices. Ink File Compatibility between Mimio software Versions: Mimio Ink data files recorded with previous versions of Mimio software. whether on Windows or Mac can be opened in Mimio Studio 6.02. Mimio Studio 6.02 Ink data files cannot be opened in previous versions of mimio software.
    Save As data �export� formatsStudio Notebook pages or complete Notebook can be Saved As HTML, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, EMF, WMF & PDF file formats
    Auto SaveData Recovery Unsaved Mimio Notebook data is periodically saved in a temporary file from which it can be recovered in the event of system or application termination or crash.
    Software UpdateDefault but selectable Settings option enables automatic updating of mimio Studio new versions
    Internet conferencing (NetMeeting plug-in)Digital Ink recorded in mimio Studio can be ported automatically to the virtual whiteboard of NetMeeting when any NetMeeting session is active. Mimio Studio sessions and be viewed and shared via any Windows web or video conferencing solution that supports Application or Desktop Sharing. mimio Studio sessions and be viewed and shared via any Mac OSX or Linux compatible web or video conferencing solution that supports Application or Desktop Sharing

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    [1755777] MimioPadLithium-Ion battery
    MimioPadLithium-Ion battery
    $ 35.00
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    [1755775] MimioPad Replacement Wireless Receiver
    MimioPad Replacement Wireless Receiver
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    Customer Testimonials

    "This is used by a group of Business Analysts currently designing a new workflow solution for our firm (major project). Since we use process maps as our basic work tool, this board was exactly what was needed to create and maintain our maps from design sessions. We determined that 80% of the normal whiteboard work had to be repeated a some later date. Now we simply pull up the clearly dated map copy for comparative work purposes, I calculated that it would take only 35 saved hours for the board to pay for itself. After a week of heavy use, it looks as though we will save around 12 hours per week by circulating copied maps. This will improve communication (same map and notes for all), improve meeting attention (no note taking), and reduce backfill reviews. Now the only problem we have is that other areas of our IT Department want to use it. Chuck Haag Vice President Process Development Unit national Default Exchange"


    "I don't think I could have had a better experience with Clary Business Machines. From talking with the Consultants over the phone, to placing my order, I felt completely taken care of through the entire process of purchasing my tablet. It was the best buying experience I have ever had working with an online retailer. Clary has my business for life, and I would refer them to everyone I know."

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