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Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77 Inches

  • Numonics+Intelliboard+Interactive+Whiteboard+77
  • Numonics+Intelliboard+Interactive+Whiteboard+77
  • Numonics+Intelliboard+Interactive+Whiteboard+77
Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77
Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77
  • Lets you Control your computer from the board, and Capture the written notes,drawings, and ideas instantaneously.
  • Hard Laminate surface for durability. It can resist damage to the whiteboard's surface.
  • You can use the electronic pen to operate.
  • RM Easiteach Software is included. It has many features that will make your presentations or teaching interactive.
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD is included to make teaching more interesting.
  • Screen Size: 77" diagonal.
  • Connectivity: USB and optional wireless.
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Warranty: 1 year warranty with product registration  
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General Information

Input Method:PenMount:Floor, Wall
Type:Interactive WhiteboardsDiagonal Size:77 Inches
Digitizing Technology:ElectromagneticModel:Intelliboard 77 Inches

The perfect teaching solution for high-end education!

The Numonics Intelliboard I-Board Interactive Whiteboard gives you high resolution with a brilliant image quality of 1,000 lines per inch. You can write and draw over the projected images, annotate in color, highlight, cut and paste images and capture the content to distribute to your audience or future reference. It comes with the Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD, RM Easiteach and Sherston Educational Clipart softwares. The Intelliboard features a user-definable easy to use Softkey Editor which lets you instantly launch any pre-selected program or web site for flexibility and a smooth presentation. The Electronic Wand lets you step out of the projector light and still control your computer. The Numonics Intelliboard I-Board Interactive Whiteboard offers a sleek design and is designed to give you the benefits of the state of the art technology and to the average Windows or Mac user.

Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard
**Requires computer and projector to operate.
  • 77 in. (195.6 cm) Interactive Whiteboard
  • Educational content software for lesson plan development:
       • Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD (for all grades)
       • RM Easiteach(for all grades)
       • Sherston Educational Clipart (for grades 9-12)
  • The first adjustable wall mount and mobile stand bracket, making height adjustments quick and easy.
  • User-definable Softkeys and easy-to-use Softkey Editor. A Numonics FIRST, Softkeys let you instantly launch any pre-selected program or web site, for flexibility and a smooth presentation.
  • E-Wand (Electronic Wand). An interactive pointer that lets you step out of the projector light and still drive your computer.
  • Flexible electronics featuring both onboard USB and RS-232connectivity.
  • Multimedia Pen with choice of disposable battery size.
  • Free web-based instructor-led training.
  • Free site licensed software
  • Virtual WhiteBoard software. Capture written notes,drawings, and ideas in color instantaneously.
  • Designed to bring the benefits of the latest ininteractive presentation technology to the averageWindows or Mac user, without the need for alengthy learning process.
  • Full mouse capabilities in the Multimedia Pen. With left and right mouse clicks on the pen youare always in control of your computer.
  • Natural writing style. We were taught to writeusing a pen, not our fingers. Intelliboardinteractive whiteboard offers the most natural,intuitive way to write!
  • Digital electromagnetic technology. Accurate andprecise, the pen-tip is small so picking points iseasier than with a larger pen or your finger.
  • Brilliant image quality, high resolution: Over 1000 lines per inch!
  • It's easy to use!
  • The industry’s only limited lifetime warranty
  • Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Multimedia Pen with one (1) AA and one (1) AAA disposable battery.
  • USB cable.
  • Fast Start installation card.
  • Installation and driver CD-ROM.
  • Adjustable wall mount brackets.
  • Pen holder.
  • Intelliboard Software Suite.
  • Clip art library.
  • Virtual WhiteBoard.
  • RM Easiteach.
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD.
Fernanda Origo This amazing whiteboards has made my teaching experience so colorful. It's brilliant image quality has made me it's fan and the features are totally awesome. The electronics wand really works like a magic wand. The softwares that are pre-installed in the whiteboard are so helpful and interactive that i barely need to study anything before presenting. I recommend it to every teacher out there.

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  • Numonics has been manufacturing for more than 40 years. It started with manufacturing precision measurement devices for the medical, imaging, construction, garment and GIS markets. From 1994, Numonics started manufacturing interactive products. Numonics introduced the world’s first pen-centric interactive whiteboard based on accurate, durable and fast electromagnetic technology.
    Numonics is dedicated in developing innovative presentation products with the aim to improve collaboration in small and large groups. It also provides accessories like mobile stands, MMX pens and pen holders, USB cables, wireless adapters/PS kits, universal input power supplies, handwriting recognition software solutions, replacement stylus inserts and e-wand extension products. Its featured products are the Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77 and Numonics IntelliMonitor 19” LCD Panel.
    Numonics continues to develop unique products with the aim to overcome presentation and communication challenges. It looks into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth. The main goal is to serve the customers in a better way by transforming the company into an innovation machine fueled by consumer insight and differentiated by superior marketing of consumer-preferred solutions.

  • An interactive whiteboard is an interactive board that connects to a computer and a projector. The projector projects the computer’s desktop on the board’s surface and you can interact and control the computer using a finger, pen or other device. Interactive whiteboards are used in conference rooms, classrooms work groups, training rooms, broadcasting studios and wherever the need arises.
    Boxlight, eBeam, Hitachi, Mimio, NEC, Numonics, Panasonic, PolyVision, QOMO, Quartet and Teamboard specialize in interactive whiteboards. Popular interactive whiteboards are 3M’s DB578, Hitachi’s FX-TRIO-88, Mimio’s 78" diagonal and 88" diagonal, NEC’s IW77, Numonic’s Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77", Panasonic’s UB-T780 and UB-T761, Polyvision’s Touch Sensitive TS 620 and TSL 610, QOMO’s QWB56 and QWB200EM, Quartet’s Q8000, and Teamboard’s TMWM6250CL.

  • Specifications

    Model No:Intelliboard 77"
    Active Viewing Area:63.3" x 45.6"
    System Requirements
    Operating System:Windows 2000, ME, XP, or Mac OSX
    Memory:128 MB RAM
    Ports:One free USB port or one free COM port
    DrivesCD-ROM Drive
    MAC OSX867 MHZ processor (1GHz or faster)
    Power PC G4, G5 processor and Intel processor
    512 MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
    500 MB of free hard disk space
    MAC OSX 10.4 operating system software (minimum)
    Power Requirements:USB powered 110 mA
    Weight:36 lb
    Shipping Dimensions:74" x 57" x 5"
    Shipping Weight:59 lb
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    Supplies & Accessories

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    Accessories for Numonics Whiteboard

    Select Product Components
    Title Price
    [783183] Numonics Intellimount

    Over the Chalkboard Mounting system that enables you to use the whiteboard without removing or damaging the existing blackboard/dry erase board. Its features are:

    • A strong, steel construction.
    • It is fully adjustable giving you many mounting positions.
    • Can be easily mounted over existing blackboard/whiteboard.
    • Can be mounted over any solid wall surface. The wall anchors are not included.

    $ 324.00
    [782525] Mobile Stand for I-Board 77
    • Makes the Intelliboard, DPA II, IPM and DPA mobile.
    • The sturdy, secure stand consists of a steel frame including locking casters.
    • Powder-coated stand that makes it more resistant to scratches.
    • With a 2" square tubing.
    • Dimensions: 65-5/8" H x 48 1/4" W x 26" D.

    $ 361.00
    [783126] Wireless Adapter for I-Board
    • Connects the Intelliboard or the DPA II to the computer wirelessly.
    • RF technology is used for communication between the computer and the Intelliboard.
    • Included at the time of Intelliboard or DPA II purchase.

    $ 395.00
    [783246] Dual Pen Option Kit
    • A Red colored pen that is set at a different frequency than the normal blue DS pen.
    • With it two people can write on the Intelliboard at the same time.
    • Comes with a pen holder and instructions.

    $ 79.00
    [783176] DS Pen for I-Board
    • A robust pen in performance and durability.
    • Use it on the Intelliboard, DPA II, IPM and DPA interactive whiteboards and software releases.
    • Includes 2 replaceable and disposable AAA batteries.
    • "Sleep mode" saves battery life when not in use, the pen lasts fr more than 140 hours.
    • Comes with 2 AAA batteries and 2 replacement pen tips.

    $ 95.00
    [783244] Field Upgrade Kit (Upgrade for existing Intelliboard)
    • A module that will allow two people to write on the Intelliboard at the same time.
    • New dual pen capable electronics module and accompanying installation instructions.
    • INTELLIBOARD Win 3.0 Software CD is included.
    • Comes with 1 Red DS Pen.
    • Comes with 2 AAA batteries and pen tips.
    • Comes with a pen holder and instructions.
    • Comes with a pre-paid envelope for swap out electronics; the old electronics must be returned to Numonics, otherwise you'll be charged a $195 for it.

    $ 299.00
    [782939] Pen Office Software
    Pen Office Software
    $ 37.00
    Customer Testimonials

    "I don't think I could have had a better experience with Clary Business Machines. From talking with the Consultants over the phone, to placing my order, I felt completely taken care of through the entire process of purchasing my tablet. It was the best buying experience I have ever had working with an online retailer. Clary has my business for life, and I would refer them to everyone I know."


    "Pretty good experience with this company -- they steered us toward lower cost options and bang for our buck. Some miscommunication about what product we wanted, but it got sorted out. One thing to keep in mind is that the cost of the install for our electronic whiteboards is about 1/5 of the cost of the whiteboard itself."

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