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Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Whiteboard

  • Panasonic+UB-5838C+Color+Electronic+Whiteboard
  • Panasonic+UB-5838C+Color+Electronic+Whiteboard
Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Whiteboard
Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Whiteboard
  • Wider Color Copyboard that lets you save data in USB flash drive, SD memory card and computer.
  • Notes are scanned in color.
  • You can print notes through a color printer or MFP.
  • A two panel system that doubles the writing and copy space.
  • Scanning area: 33"(H) x 68.5"(W).
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General Information

Type:Electronic CopyboardsModel:UB-5838C
View, Save and Share - All in Color

The Panasonic Color Copy Board UB-5838C is a color scanning system that allow users to scan to USB flash drives or SD Memory Cards while maintaining the versatility of a conventional whiteboard. It has a wider screen than the UB-5338C. These color whiteboards scan in PDF and JPEG formats without the need for a driver on both Windows and Macintosh computers. This advanced color Panaboard supports a variety of business situations with a wide range of functions. You can save the information written on the board onto a PC, an SD Memory Card, or USB flash memory, and distribute it as electronic data to your colleagues from a PC, all in color. Operation is done using easy-to-understand icons. Panaboard gives you maximum power in presentations and conferences. Simply connect the board to a PC with the USB cable to save the board content without having to install any special software. The board imitates USB flash memory, so no additional software is needed to store the scanned images.

Panasonic UB-5838C
Discover your unlimited potential with our plug and play capabilities. Our UB Series models incorporate USB technology for easy-operation and maximum performance.
Networking yourself

Connect with a computer that is on a network, and share the contents with everyone on the network. No additional software is required.

Saving Options

The Copyboard UB-5838C system gives you many saving options. Save data in a USB Flash Drive, and SD Memory Card or your computer.

Professional Design

Impressive compact design includes wall-mount that matches office interiors. Take advantage of the large, two-screen writing surface and printing capabilities.

Security Lock

The Panasonic UB-5838C is a secure system. Password Lock for Operation feature only saves data with entry of a four-letter password. The password has to be prior setup.

Print Your Meeting

Presentation files stored on the USB flash drive or SD memory card can be printed from a Multi-Function Printer. You can also print through an external printer connected via USB

2-panel System

The Panasonic UB-5838's 2-panel presentation system allows users to operate two whiteboard panels at once. This feature doubles the available whiteboard space without any additional costs associated with physical space.

Clear Marker Reproduction Technology

The Clear Marker Reproduction Technology accurately scans text, even blurry text. The blurry marker text usually is difficult to scan, this technology accurately scans them to produce easy-to-read conference notes.

Eco-Friendly Design

Panasonic UB-5838C environment conscious thinking saves paper by directly downloading your written content onto a PC. Most printouts are unnecessary and wasted, the UB-5838C is equipped with a color LCD for confirming the scanned data. The UB-5838C utilizes low energy that saves resources.

Screen Erase Announce Function

When the Screen Erase Announce function is turned on, an icon appears on the LCD. When scanning is finished, this icon displays as a reminder that the board has not been erased.

  • Color Scanning. The notes you write on the board are scanned in color. You don't need any special software for scanning.
  • 2 Panels. You get enough room to work with the 2 panel system. Clicking on the panel button will scroll to the next panel. It is capable of 2-Screen compress copying.
  • Saving Options. Data can be saved in PDF or JPEG formats in an SD Memory Card or USB Flash Memory storage direct from the control panel. You can even save the contents directly to your computer.
  • USB Computer Interface. It functions as a USB Flash Drive to your computer, when connected. No driver software is required.
  • Built-in Security Features. Password Lock prevents saving data without a password. Erase notification reminder to erase the contents on the board.
  • Dry erase felt-tipped markers (One black, red and blue).
  • Eraser.
  • Clock Battery.
  • USB Cable.
Ben It is very usefull Stuff, and It is a Quality Product, Having 2 panel system.

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  • An electronic copyboard lets you save and print the notes you have written. It has a USB port to attach a USB flash drive or printer. Electronic copyboards are used in meeting rooms or classrooms.
    Its major advantage is that it makes it easy for the participants to focus on the discussion at hand without worrying to take down notes. Theyíll be able to get a copy of the notes later. 3M, Panasonic, Plus and PolyVision specialize in the manufacturing electronic copyboards.
    Popular copyboards are Panasonicís UB-5310, UB-7325, UB-5338C and UB-5838C, Plusís CR-5 and M-12S, Polyvisionís Copycam-Pro Copy Board, and 3Mís DB578 Digital Interactive Whiteboard and Electronic Copyboard.

  • Specifications

    Input Block
    Panel Dimensions (H x W)33.0 in. x 68.5 in (838 mm x 1,740 mm)
    Panel Surface2 (endless scroll type)
    Scanning Area (H x W)31.1 in. x 67.7 in. (790 mm x 1,722 mm)
    Scanning SizeStandard-size / Full-size
    Scanning Time (Until the scanning is finished)
    • Color : 30 seconds
    • Black and White : 20 seconds
    Scanning Resolution (H x W)
    • Standard-size : 41 dpi x 41 dpi (1.6 dot/mm x 1.6 dot/mm)
    • Full-size : 62 dpi x 41 dpi (2.5 dot/mm x 1.6 dot/mm)
    Printer Output
    InterfaceUSB 2.0 (Full Speed, USB Master, A-Type Connector)
    Support ProtocolPCL 3 GUI (Most HP Color Ink-Jet Printers)
    Print Resolution300 dpi x 300 dpi
    Continuous Printing1 to 9 sheets
    Print SizeLetter Size
    General Specification
    Power SupplyAC 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power ConsumptionLess than 0.35A / Less than 0.15A (Operational/Standby
    Weight62 lbs. (28 kg)
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 44.3 in. x 78.6 in. x 8.8 in. (1,125 mm x 1,998 mm x 224 mm)
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    Customer Testimonials

    "Pretty good experience with this company -- they steered us toward lower cost options and bang for our buck. Some miscommunication about what product we wanted, but it got sorted out. One thing to keep in mind is that the cost of the install for our electronic whiteboards is about 1/5 of the cost of the whiteboard itself."


    "This is used by a group of Business Analysts currently designing a new workflow solution for our firm (major project). Since we use process maps as our basic work tool, this board was exactly what was needed to create and maintain our maps from design sessions. We determined that 80% of the normal whiteboard work had to be repeated a some later date. Now we simply pull up the clearly dated map copy for comparative work purposes, I calculated that it would take only 35 saved hours for the board to pay for itself. After a week of heavy use, it looks as though we will save around 12 hours per week by circulating copied maps. This will improve communication (same map and notes for all), improve meeting attention (no note taking), and reduce backfill reviews. Now the only problem we have is that other areas of our IT Department want to use it. Chuck Haag Vice President Process Development Unit national Default Exchange"

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