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Wacom Cintiq21UX Pen Display

  • The Cintiq 21UX Interactive Pen Display is the Ultimate Instrument for working in creative digital applications.
  • The Cintiq 21UX creates an intuitive interface for maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • Digital Audio, to control audio mixing software.
  • Produce audio video games & internet distribution.
  • Produce audio for CDs, film, TV.
  • Popular among Cartoon Network Animators.
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General Information

Category:Presentation ToolsManufacturer:Wacom
Type:Interactive PanelsModel:Cintiq21UX

Cintiq 21UX is an advancement of the earlier Cintiq 12WX hybrid pen display tablet. Cintiq 21UX has a 21.3" LCD screen which offers a larger drawing area and hence greater ease of hand placement and orientation. The new and improved design of 21UX offers direct control of primary operations (brush size, zoom, rotate, scroll) via rear-mounted touch strips and touch strip toggle buttons.

Cintiq 21UX tablet comes with a cordless pressure sensitive pen. The patented EMR technology used in the 21UX pen display tablet supports 2048 pen pressure levels; complex stroke creation hence becomes easy with "pen-point" accuracy. Furthermore, the new tip sensor used in Cintiq 21UX's pen easily detects the slightest pressure signals during on-screen interaction. 21UX comes with an additional set of pen nibs that can imitate natural brush designs.

The Cintiq 21UX pen display tablet is a next generation digital canvas; it has a wide active area and offers greater control over the most complex drawing effects with a high level of intricacy! Its flat outlook and ambidextrous design gives easy control to both left and right handed artists. Cintiq 21UX comes with a reclinable screen and can also be rotated to match arm alignment. The 21UX pen display tablet is yet another innovative product that complements its applications in the arts and media industry.


  • With a 21.3" TFT display area, you have more room to use the pen directly on screen. This allows you to take advantage of natural hand-eye coordination and provides the feel of natural media, but with all the benefits of a completely digital workflow.
  • With "pen-point" accuracy, fast cursor control, and 1,024 levels of pressure-sensitivity on the pen tip and eraser, Wacom pen technology gives you superior control over your workflow and allows you to control your software tools by changing how hard you press the pen tip on the screen.
  • The Cintiq Grip Pen has programmable side switches that allow you to program your most common actions into the pen itself. For ultimate control, the pen comes with three different nibs that allow you to get the feel you're looking for:
    • Standard Nib for the right balance of control and longevity for extensive everyday use.
    • Stroke Nib that includes a dual-action spring to simulate a natural brush-like feel.
    • Felt Nib to replicate the sensation of using a felt-tip marker by creating just the right amount of surface friction.
  • Eight programmable ExpressKeysTM provide quick access to modifier keys, keyboard shortcuts, and pop-up menus.
  • Two finger-sensitive Touch Strips serve as natural ways to zoom, scroll, or change brush size


  • The Cintiq 21UX has a completely flat surface edge-to-edge to allow the pen and hand to glide over the entire surface comfortably. This means that artists and designers can use guides and drawing tools such as French curves, protractors, rulers, and templates directly on the Cintiq 21UX surface.
  • The textured and scratch-resistant surface has two coatings: one to diminish glare and another to provide a texture simulating the feel of paper. These surfaces are hardened to provide durability and longevity. The LCD itself has been structured to eliminate any screen distortion when the pen tip is pressed against the surface. The result is an incredibly natural and intuitive experience.
  • The ergonomic design provides intuitive grip, perfect on your desk, in your lap, or angled any way you want with the dynamic, free-moving stand.
  • Rotate your display 180 degrees in either direction to suit your natural arm movements or recline the stand from 10 to 65 degrees. Rear roller feet make the incline adjustments easy while locking handles ensure that the display stays in your selected position.
  • The Cintiq Grip Pen has a contoured, cushioned barrel to reduce grip effort by 40 percent and offers an alternative to a mouse that can help reduce repetitive motion-related stress on your hand and wrist when spending long hours on a computer.


  • Many Cintiq customers state that working directly on screen boosts productivity by 100% or more.
  • Intuitive to use and quick to assimilate into your workflow.
  • The Cintiq 21UX gives you control and precision over your work and helps you speed production in your digital workflow.
  • Use both hands at the same time for greater speed and efficiency by combining pen input with ExpressKeysTM and Touch Strips.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, the Cintiq 21UX gives you the ultimate control of your configuration. It works seamlessly with your existing mouse, the Cintiq 12WX, or any Wacom pen tablet, and it can be installed as a single monitor or as part of a multi-monitor combination


  • Premium 21.3" TFT active matrix LCD display with UXGA (1600 x 1200) resolution.
  • Patented professional pen technology with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and 5,020 lines of resolution for enhanced workflow. Electromagnetic resonance powers the pen via induction and radio frequencies to communicate data from the pen to the tablet sensor for outstanding accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Cintiq employs standard connection options to work with all primary platforms (USB for pen input; DVI or VGA for video).
  • Tablet driver software allows you to create universal settings for your display or alter your settings by application for maximum productivity. Personalize the way your pen feels, access your favorite keystroke combinations and optimize your work environment with flexible mapping
allen It provides the best-of-class pen experience for working directly on the screen made my life easy and simple i would recommend this to other professionals too

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  • Wacom started in 1983 and manufactures display products, pen tablets and related products. Today it is the largest graphics tablet producer, and is very popular with artists, graphic designers, architects, and cartoonists.
    Wacom tablets are notable for their use of a patented cordless, battery-free, and pressure-sensitive stylus or digital pen. They are also used for recording of the pen in handwriting movement analysis. The flagship brands of Wacom are the Cintiq, intuos and bamboo. Cintiq is a tablet/screen hybrid that allows the user to draw directly on the display surface, Intuos is marketed for professional graphic artists featuring Wacom’s highest specifications and Bamboo models are targeted at home users.
    Wacom believes that technology should be easy to use and simple to understand. It strives to bring people and technology closer together with products that rely on human intuition and natural movement. Wacom is commonly cited as an industry standard. It remains focused on creating strong and successful brands that will be recognized worldwide as market leaders.

  • Interactive panels make presentation or teaching more interactive. These are effectively used in classrooms and business meetings. Interactive panels are available in high resolution and different sizes.
    When connected to a computer and a projector, an interactive panel allows you to face the audience and still control, edit and annotate applications using a wireless pen. You can share files, 3D objects, CAD-CAM drawings and blueprints. A cordless or wireless pen can also be used.
    Hitachi, Numonics, Plus, PolyVision, QOMO and Wacom specialize in interactive panels. Popular interactive panels are Hitachi’s T-17SXL and T-19WX, Numonic’s IntelliMonitor 19" LCD Panel, Plus’s UPIC Wireless Interactive Panel, Polyvision’s Walk-and-Talk IP-17, and Qomo’s QIT-300.

  • Specifications

    Aspect Ratio:4:3
    Screen size:21.3" diagonal
    Display area:17" wide x 12.75" high
    Native resolution:UXGA (1600 x 1200)
    Total pixels:1,920,000
    Number of colors:16.7 million
    Pixel pitch:0.27mm x 0.27mm
    Brightness:220 cd/m2
    Contrast ratio:550:1
    Viewing angle:85°/85° H, 85°/85° V
    Color management:ICC profile, 6500° K whitepoint default
    Color management control:DDC/CI
    Interactive Display
    Technology:Patented electromagnetic resonance method
    5080 lines per inch
    8 user-assignable
    Touch Strips:
    2 finger-sensitive, front mounted
    Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
    Switches:Tip switch, 2 side switches, eraser
    Pressure levels:2,048
    Tilt range:+/- 60°
    Grip:Latex-free silicone rubber
    Nibs included:3 standard, 1 stroke, 1 felt
    Optional pens:6D Art Pen, Airbrush, Classic
    Overall dimensions:22.1" wide x 16.5" high x 1.8" depth without stand
    Weight:18.7 lbs. without stand
    22.4 lbs. with stand
    Data port:USB
    Graphics input:Analog RGB (HD 15pin) or digital DVI (29 pin)
    Display connector:DVI-I
    Display adapters included:

    DVI-I to VGA, DVI-I to DVI-D, Short cable adapters

    Stand adjustability:10° to 65° incline
    Rotation:+/- 180°
    Mounting hole pattern:VESA 100mm
    Power supply input:100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
    Power supply output:12 VDC 6.67A
    Warranty:2 years

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